Mark Wright and his brother Josh tell Men’s Fitness what we can expect from their new fitness training app, Train Wright…

Fitness has always been a big part of brothers and professional footballers Mark and Josh Wright’s lives.

Since the first lockdown, they’ve been sharing the routines that keep them in shape for their day jobs at Crawley Town.

But what began as free workout sessions on Instagram back in April 2020 has since grown into fully fledged fitness training app Train Wright.

Promising “real people, real results”, we caught up with the Wright brothers to find out what to expect from their new training app, Train Wright.

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Mark and Josh Wright On Their New Training Platform train wright app | Men's Fitness UK

How has the past year affected your training?

At first it really disrupted our training, since we both liked to be in the gym lifting weights and outside running or cycling.

However, once we accepted lockdown wasn’t going away and we started simplifying our training routines – more bodyweight and circuits – we found we really loved it.

This is one of the biggest reasons we wanted to create such a simple and accessible fitness app, which will do the same for everyone else, too.

How would you describe the Train Wright app fitness philosophy?

Don’t get bored. Going to the gym and doing a workout you’ve done ten times before is usually fine. But, when every day seems the same you need that variety to keep you motivated.

That’s why we’ve put over 100 workouts in the app, and are adding more all the time – get up, get it done and Train Wright.


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What makes the Train Wright app different from other fitness apps?

The sheer number of workouts and structured plans. We’re launching with over 120 already loaded onto the app. If you’re doing a different workout every day that’s four months of training.

There’s HIIT, boxing, abs, weighted HIIT and even yoga workouts, all at different levels.

There really is something for everyone. Whether you’re new to training or have been at it for years, whether your goal is to get fitter, lose weight or build muscle, we’ve got something for you.

What would you say to someone completely new to fitness?

Firstly, well done on making your first step on your new path! Secondly, start with an intensity you are confident you can manage, and with a type of exercise you know (or think) you will enjoy.

Once you get into a routine, and start developing momentum and experience, start experimenting with the masses of other workouts on the Train Wright app. You might stumble upon a new passion.

Mark and Josh Wright On Their New Training Platform train wright app | Men's Fitness UK

Any brotherly disagreements while working together?

We get on great most of the time. However, we both like to speak our mind and are passionate about our ideas and our goals, so we do have disagreements!

At the end of the day it’s because we care about bringing our best product and our A-game every time.

Finally, who’s the fittest brother?

Our competitive nature means we can’t give you an answer. We both believe we’re the fittest!


You can download the Train Wright app via the Apple App Store and Google Play. For more information visit


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