The New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite V3 is a lively and versatile long-distance carbon racer that delivers speed and stability over any distance.

If you’re hunting for a shoe that packs marathon PB potential, the New Balance Fuelcell SuperComp Elite V3 ticks a lot of boxes. An impressive upgrade to the RC Elite V2, it’s light, agile and built for speed. It doesn’t quite pack the punch of a Nike Alphafly or Adidas Prime X Strung but it’s another excellent carbon shoe designed for guns-blazing race-day miles. And the more subtle performance and more ‘normal’ feel makes this a versatile running shoe, capable of conquering a wide range of distances and paces.   

Men’s Fitness verdict

We’re impressed with just how well balanced the SC Elite V3 feels over a range of distances, and that it doesn’t lose stability at the expense of speed.
  • Feels fast, smooth and energetic
  • Light and agile race feel
  • Good stability for a carbon racer
  • A little narrow
  • Not as punchy as some carbon racers

How we test the best running shoes

Our testers put each shoe through their paces over a mixture of distances and paces to see where they excel, and clocked up significant distances in each one to examine how they wear over time. Each reviewer focused on speed, stability and comfort during test runs, while also assessing the effectiveness of any high-tech features on offer. Their detailed reviews are sure to help you choose the right running shoe for you.

New Balance Fuelcell SuperComp Elite V3 features

The SuperComp Elite V3 now features a double-layer, dual-density FuelCell midsole, with a firmer EVA/TPU foam directly under the foot and a softer version as the main cushion bed. That combines with a reasonably pronounced rocker shape, a new-shaped carbon fibre plate sandwiched in between and some strategic midsole cutouts to increase stored energy and deliver higher energy return. 

Stability is better than the V2 as well. The SuperComp Elite V3’s midsole is now 5mm wider in the heel for a better landing platform. And to kick up the agility, it’s also 5mm narrower in the forefoot. The shoe has a surprisingly low 4mm drop – the lowest among the carbon super-shoe elite – with a 40mm / 31mm stack height. 

A pair of New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite V3 running shoes

Up top, you’ve got synthetic uppers in a bootie upper construction. Like many carbon race shoes, the New Balance SuperComp Elite V3 hugs tight and that bootie-style upper feels compact and secure on the foot. There’s excellent heel hold and reliable lockdown across the top of the midfoot. Though owners of bigger, wider feet might find them a little narrow and the toe box isn’t the roomiest. In terms of sizing, we’d recommend sticking to your regular size. Unless you fall between sizes, in which case, you might want to go half a size up. 

New Balance Fuelcell SuperComp Elite V3 weight

At 7.6oz / 216g in a UK men’s size 8.5, the New Balance Supercomp Elite V3 is competitively light and feels nimble on the foot. There are lighter carbon racers (the Nike Vaporfly Next% 3 and the ASICS Metaspeed Sky+) but it’s more stripped back than the Nike Alphafly.   

In tests including a half marathon, some all-out 5km efforts and 2.5-hour mixed-pace runs, when it comes to the all-important ride they’re lively, energetic and responsive with snappy transitions and a smooth turnover at top paces. They’re reminiscent of the Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 but a bit firmer – carbon race shoe that keeps you more connected to the ground. 

However, there’s just enough cushioning there and when fatigue inevitably kicks in and form goes ragged, they’re more stable and forgiving than some carbon super shoes – like the Adidas Adios Pro 3 – and that boosts their marathon credentials. 

These are New Balance’s best high-performance carbon-plated running shoes to date. They’re springy and responsive but offer enough protection and cushioning to spare your legs deeper into the longer miles. They pack plenty of PB potential for everything from 5km right up to the full marathon.