POC’s Ventral MIPS is a premium, aerodynamically-optimised helmet that won’t leave you red-faced, says resident cycling expert Charlie Allenby… 

POC Ventral MIPS Helmet

$300 / £270, amazon.com

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  • Comfortable aero-optimised helmet 
  • Superior MIPS safety 


  • Matte black finish scratches easily 
  • Price 

Comfort: 5/5
Ventilation: 5/5
Extra features: 4.5/5

Swedish cycling and snow sports gear manufacturer POC is renowned for producing premium protective equipment that combines safety with style. Its Ventral MIPS is targeted at those riders who want an aerodynamic advantage without the side effect of overheating – an issue with some fast-focused lids. It’s also ideal for wearing while riding the best electric bikes.

Its five large front vents look like they should keep the air flowing, even during intense hill reps, while its inclusion of MIPS provides added peace of mind if you were unfortunate enough to put a helmet through its ultimate test. 

POC Ventral MIPS performance 

Traditionally, an aero helmet means that you’re going to have to make some sacrifices when it comes to comfort. Focused on being fast at all costs, designs are generally smooth with minimal vents (and maximum sweating). The Ventral bucks the trend, containing 13 (five at the front, two up top, and six at the rear) that allow cool air to enter and hot air to escape. Those vents work well with the moisture-absorbing padding, so sweat didn’t drip down my face and I didn’t suffer from overheating. 

Although I wasn’t able to put the claimed watt- or head-saving abilities to the test, the Ventral MIPS certainly didn’t feel like a slouch and its low profile and weight aided its overall comfort. 

Product shot of a POC Ventral cycling helmet
The Ventral has 13 vents to keep your head cool, as well as MIPS protection

POC Ventral MIPS fit 

With or without a cycling cap, it was easy to fine-tune the fit with the Ventral MIPS helmet. A dial at the rear of the helmet could be tweaked while wearing, while the webbing had various methods of adjustments to get it feeling snug without being suffocating. 

The helmet also passed the sunglasses storage test too, and I was able to stow models from various different brands in its front vents without fear of them falling out (although doing so will impact the aerodynamics and ventilation). 

POC Ventral MIPS value

The price ($300 / £270) of the Ventral MIPS is its only real downside. But it’s not that outlandish when compared to the likes of Specialized (S-Works Evade III, £250) and MET (Manta MIPS, £220) premium aero offerings. Sure, there are more affordable ways to keep your head covered when out on your bike, but not many will leave you this fast, cool or stylish. 

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