The Salomon Sense Aero Graphic Tee is a lightweight running designed to keep you cool when the heat is on.

We’re runners here at Men’s Fitness, not clothing manufacturers. So it can be difficult to appreciate the amount of design and technology that can go into what appears to be a flimsy running top that weighs just 99g. But the Salomon Sense Aero Graphic Tee is packed with the stuff, putting it up there with the best running tops.

Men’s Fitness verdict

The Salomon truly shines when the sun comes out, providing impressive levels of comfort and breathability. It sits well under layers on colder days too with confidence-inspiring zero-chafe seams.
  • Lightweight, barely-there feel
  • Great sweat-wicking performance
  • Odor management works well
  • Ham at the neck seems a little fragile
  • Insulation could be better

How we test the best running tops

We tested each of the running tops in this buyers guide for at least a month, in a variety of weather conditions and temperatures, and on varying lengths of runs – from short interval sessions to 10km-plus efforts. We also wore them for other activities such as cycling, gym and mobility work to discern their versatility. In our review we also took durability, design and price into consideration before awarding a final score.

When I first tested the Salomon Sense Aero Graphic Tee, we were in the middle of another non-summer in the UK. There was often a chill in the air, even on the sunnier days. So I was reluctant to don an ultralight, flimsy feeling top like the Salomon.

Salomon Sense Aero Graphic Tee design

Weighing just 99g, it feels very much like a one-and-a-half season top (or even less in the UK). Hems feel almost non-existent, especially around the front of the collar. The back collar is raised and with a little more protection. It’s a slim, flattering fit, with plenty of below-waist coverage, and a good length sleeve stopping a couple of inches above the elbow.

Made from 100% polyester, the Salomon Sense Aero is as synthetic as it gets. But given the tech it employs, I don’ mean that in a bad way. Its (Knit_Flow)™ tech using 37.5® and Ionic+® Botanical is made to provide thermoregulation and odor management. It’s also constructed with an open weave to increase breathability and drying speed.

The Salomon Sense Aero tee has useful reflective details for night runs

Salomon Sense Aero Graphic Tee design performance

When I did take the plunge and hit road, track and trail with the Salomon Sense Aero, I could immediately feel all that tech working symbiotically. I could also feel that lack of insulation initially, but that feeling disappeared as I hit my stride and warmed up. I appreciated those glued seams, primarily because I was completely unaware of them. I’d rather that than those on the Artilect M-Sprint Tee. Even though they don’t rub on the M-Sprint, they’re pronounced enough for you to be aware of throughout your run. And that’s distraction enough.

On the few warmer days I ran in the Salomon, and during high-tempo or interval sessions, the top really began to shine. Though there are no visible vent holes, the breathability and moisture management on this tee is fantastic. It always hung light and loose, even when I worked up a real sweat. And even mid-session I could feel how quickly it was drying.

Its anti-microbial fabric worked a treat too. I’m normally quite fastidious about washing my run kit. But the Salomon Sense Aero survived four or five sessions in the airing cupboard before I felt I need to freshen things up. One thing I did notice, though, was the possible fragility of the collar. On numerous occasions when I took it off, I had to stop myself pulling at the collar. One tug too many and it feels like it might rip (although it hasn’t yet).

Salomon Sense Aero Graphic Tee insulation

Thanks to that 37.5® thermoregulation tech, I was actually quite surprised the tee kept some chill off on colder days. It’s not the best, by any means. But on bright days, when the temperature is lower than you think, it keeps the chill off your chest fairly well. And for a top this light, I think that’s all you can ask. And on cold morning runs I’ve worn it under a light gilet and it still works well. Those glued seams come into their own under another layer. And I didn’t feel breathability was hampered in any way.

Overall the Salomon Sense Aero Graphic Tee surpassed my expectations. I’d happily use it as a three-season top with layering, or a spring-summer top on its own. And it provides another reason to pray for the sun to shine on my runs.

Salomon Sense Aero Graphic Tee technical spec

Materials100% polyester
FeaturesGlued seams; reflective details; 37.5® thermoregulation and moisture management technology; weighs 99g
SizesSmall – 2XL
ColorsPeacock Blue / Grey Violet / Sulphur Spring / Zinnia / White

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