66North Grettir Tee review: The Grettir is an ultralight, breathable tee made for outdoor adventures of all kinds but perfectly suited to gym work too…

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66North Grettir Tee


$60 / £50, 66north.com


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Repairs for life


  • Sizing comes up small
  • Only one colour option 

Comfort: 4/5
Fit: 3/5
Sweat wicking: 5/5

Icelandic outdoor clothing king 66North knows a thing or two about kitting up to tackle big outdoor adventures and this multi-purpose, super-light T-shirt is built for everything from running and hiking to cycling and climbing. It’s a great option for most gym sessions, too. 

66North Grettir Tee features

The polyester, Tencel and Spandex Polar Delta fabric blend is thin, minimal and highly breathable. In fact it’s so light it virtually disappears once it’s on. The fit is skin-huggingly snug, making this another workout tee with a base-layer feel. It’s also quite textured, even on the inside, which presents a little added chafe risk.

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However, the fact that it’s so thin and light means it’s quick drying so it doesn’t suffers from any nipple-bothering sag, while flat seams also help boost comfort levels.  

When it comes to working out, the sleeves are nice and high, leaving your guns free to move. However, the T-shirt isn’t cut quite as low as we’d like, so coverage isn’t the best during big-reach drills.

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The Grettir also features a new Fresh Face anti-odour fabric technology, derived from mint, that works like other metal-based products to kill off the bacteria that make your gym kit whiff. It works, too, with the tee standing up to a multiple-use sniff test. 

A big plus for 66North is its after-sales service, with the Grettir coming with a repairs-for-life guarantee. 

The 66North Grettir tee only comes in orange with six sizes from XS to XXL. It does come up quite small though so we’d recommend sizing up. 

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