The most affordable mat on test, the Body Power Never Quit Fitness Mat is also one of the plushest and most comfortable…

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Body Power Never Quit Fitness Mat 




  • Thick and plush 
  • Portable


  • Takes a while to unfurl after being rolled up 
  • Softness can feel unstable  

Grip: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Portability: 4.5/5

The Body Power Never Quit Fitness Mat is the most affordable mat on test but punches well above its weight. It may be a no-frills option (if any exercise mats have frills), but it’s a generous 10mm thick and feels super cushioned. It’s made from nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), which has a luxurious, comfortable and foam-like feel. 

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It’s suitable for low-impact or resistance workouts and thanks to its light-weight material and elasticated carry strap it’s easily transportable. Just try not to roll it up too much – it takes a while for the edges to un-curl, which can be something of a trip hazard. 

Body Power Never Quit Fitness Mat design

The non-slip textured surface ensures that you keep your grip and is easy to wipe down and clean too. The other side is smoother, shinier and slightly slippier. And despite its low price our test mat shows no signs of wear and tear, even after extensive use and a few dropped weights. 

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That 10mm cushion feels plush under bare feet and eliminates all traces of hard floors if lying down to perform stretches. It absorbs landings when doing plyometrics and offers plenty of protection to joints.

The foam-like squishiness does, however, make the surface feel unstable for balancing moves such as one-legged squats or tree poses, but there will always be a trade-off between stability and comfort with exercise mats and the Body Power Never Quit Fitness Mat is definitely focused on the latter.

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With online prices as low as £7.99, you’d expect the Body Power Never Quit Fitness Mat to be flimsy and cheaply made but that’s just not the case. It’s comfortable, robust and light enough to take anywhere. It has a carry strap and is double-sided too, making it even more versatile. In fact in remains competitive in the company of exercise mats over five times its retail price.