The Body Sculpture Gym Ball is a no-frills option for larger users that’s suitable for travel or occasional use for most mobility exercises…

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Body Sculpture Gym Ball  


£19.99,  (not currently available in the US)


  • Smooth and comfortable  
  • Pump is included  


  • Low upper weight limit 
  • Only one size  

Firmness: 3.5/5
Durability: 3/5
Comfort: 4.5/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5 

The Body Sculpture Gym Ball is an affordable choice that’d be ideal for occasional use, especially if you need to deflate it between sessions. It pumps up quickly with the included hand pump and stays that way with a secure valve (there’s a spare one in the box too). 

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Made from sturdy yet flexible PVC, the Body Sculpture Gym Ball doesn’t emanate the nasty niffs you’d normally associate with the stuff. Despite the raised ring bands, the ball has a soft and smooth texture, too, which feels comfortable against the skin but can get slippery when sweaty.  

Body Sculpture Gym Ball features

It also comes with detailed instructions and tips for best results – useful if you’re new to using exercise balls. The instructions provide three upper- and lower-body exercises too, to get you started. It only comes in one size – 65cm – which makes it suitable for users over 6ft as well as those of average height. However, smaller guys may be better off with a 55cm alternative.

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What’s more limiting is its load capacity, which is just 220lb (100kg). Bearing in mind the TRX Stability Ball can withstand nearly five times that weight, it’s not one you’ll want to use dumbbells on. It does seem an odd choice for Body Sculpture to make a gym ball sized to accommodate taller users but then to have such a restrictive weight limit.

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There are no colour options either, but the blue is a welcome alternative to the usual black or grey options. Overall it’s fairly firm and comfortable, and will allow you to perform unweighted exercises with confidence. It’s an affordable option for all mobility, stretching and yoga workouts, though perhaps not the most secure if you tend to work up a sweat.

Words: Lucy Miller