With 20 different versions to chose from, you’re bound to find a Core Balance Gym Ball to suit you…

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Core Balance Gym Ball 


From £20.99, corebalancefitness.co.uk (not currently available in the US)


  • Four sizes for perfect fit 
  • 250kg maximum weight 
  • Five colour options


  • Can’t fully inflate for 24 hours from new

Firmness: 5/5
Durability: 4.5/5
Comfort: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5 

The Core Balance Gym Ball comes in a wealth of options – four sizes and five colours – so you’re bound to find a version to suit you. Ranging from £20.99 from the 55cm version to £28.99 for the 85cm, it’s an affordable way to find an exercise ball that’s optimised for your height, whether you’re using it for yoga and Pilates or as an office desk.

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The 55cm version is for users up to 5ft 5in and the 85cm option is suitable for guys over 6ft 6in, so you won’t have problems getting one to fit you. And it starts to look even better value when you consider it comes with a pump and tape measure to ensure the correct inflation. It also has a plug and plug remover, so no more more grappling with countersunk valves.

Core Balance Gym Ball features

Core Balance recommends that on first inflation you only pump it up to 80% and leave for 24 hours before fully inflating, but once it’s up it shows no sign of slowly deflating. Unlike some PVC exercise balls, the Core Balance Gym Ball is free from phthalates and other carcinogens, and doesn’t have that overpowering chemical smell.

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Its anti-burst compound means if it does puncture it’ll slowly deflate rather than bang. However, unless damaged by something sharp it’s highly unlikely as it’s made to withstand weights up to 550lb (250kg) so it’s ideal for heavier users or for weights-based workouts.

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The surface strikes the right balance between smooth and grippy and it feels reassuringly solid and stable beneath you. Overall it’s a comfortable and affordable exercise ball available in a wide range of versions that does all the important things well.

Words: Lucy Miller