The Gorilla Bow Travel is an innovative system that covers full-body fitness and is ideal for both endurance and muscle-building…

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Best for guided workouts

Gorilla Bow Travel


From $240 plus taxes and shipping / £199.99 /

Versatility: 4/5
Band quality: 4/5
Resistance range: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5


  • Powerful full-body system
  • Supports multiple bands simultaneously


  • Priciest band system on-test
  • Will be too large and cumbersome for some

If you’re someone who likes the idea of investing in a system that covers full-body fitness, then the Gorilla Bow Travel should float your boat. Gorilla Bow has created a load of videos to get you off the ground, with follow-up emails helpful with tips and tricks. And you can get a gruelling full-body workout with it – great for both endurance and muscle-building.

However, it might not be as enticing for traditional exercisers who are already adept at getting loads of value out of simpler equipment. It’s also quite large, so will require relatively high ceilings and light fixtures to avoid accidents.

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Roughly 140cm tall when assembled, the Gorilla Bow is the most commanding of all our fitness band systems and the bulkiest. In its travel version, though, it detaches into three elements that fit easily in a large bag or small suitcase. Made from aircraft-grade aluminium, you can secure all the elements together by way of stainless steel push-button spring locks.

Up the tension

The bow ships with a range of bands in either a ‘Base’, ‘Heavy’ or ‘Total’ package, with a maximum total tension of 110lb (50kg), 330lb (149.7kg) or 350lb (158.8kg) respectively. The costs are $240 / £199, £229.99 / $280 and £314.99 / $370 respectively. Depending on the package you go for, you’ll get either four, nine or 11 bands. The bow and bands also fit into a neat carry case too, so you could probably take it as an additional piece of hand luggage on flights.

Working out with the Gorilla Bow is great, once you figure out what’s what. The claws at each end of the bow grapple onto each end of the band, putting them under tension.

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Initially, we thought we’d have to switch out resistance bands between every exercise, but that isn’t the case. You can load the bow with up to four bands, so that means four resistance strengths when you use one band at a time. You can also use multiple bands simultaneously to layer resistance. This means it’s easy to quickly drop the weight when you fatigue – perfect for drop sets.

There are limitations to the Gorilla Bow system, however. It really pushes you to train with a pronated or supinated grip – a neutral grip or twist won’t be possible. It can also be a clunky process loading up heavier bands. Other than those niggles, and its premium pricing, the Gorilla Bow system is an innovative choice that could be great for home workout warriors.

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