The Gymproluxe Band Bar Set is a clever set-up that covers loads of exercises and is definitely better suited to upper-body training…

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Best for chest training

Gymproluxe Band Bar Set


From £104.95 / (international shipping available)

Versatility: 4/5
Band quality: 5/5
Resistance range: 4/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5


  • Excellent for chest and upper body
  • Quick and easy to adjust resistance


  • Limited lower-body benefit
  • Additional kit required for full-body training

The Gymproluxe Band Bar Set gives you three levels of resistance in one convenient, lightweight belt. It also incorporates a bar for the best chest training we’ve experienced from a band system. While it’s a clever setup that covers loads of exercises, it’s definitely better suited to upper body training.

The whole set also fits neatly into a fabric carry case. It can be used with or without the steel bar the band set ships with, and the bar measures around one metre when assembled, but is made up of two half-metre bars that securely screw together.

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The belt combines three short latex bands on either side, each sheathed in fabric – the colour of the fabric indicates the strength of the band. We tested the 35-70-105lb bands, and it’s also available in a lighter 12-24-36lb version, or three heavier options: 52-102-153lb, 66-132-198lb and 88-176-264lb.

Flexible setup

The reason each band mix features three weights is down to the fact you can release individual bands on either side of the set to drop the weight by increments of three. After you’ve bought the set, you can buy bands with different resistance depending on your needs.

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Given the fact you don’t have to use the steel bar to get a good upper body workout from the Gymproluxe Band Bar Set, the standalone belt is a great travel option for anyone intent on keeping their upper body taught on a trip. Presses, rows, curls and flyers are all easy to access whether standing up or lying down, so you can smash out a decent workout pretty much anywhere.

If you want to level up the set, pick up the Gymproluxe Resistance Tubes & Foot Straps. These longer bands connect to the loops on either side of the Band Bar set’s bar, making squats and lower-body training possible.

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