Gymshark’s sweatpants are lightweight, functional and offer superb comfort whether you’re working out or not…

Gymshark Retake Knit Joggers 


$76 / £60 / 


  • Flat-knit fabric promotes all-day comfort
  • Textured knit around joints feels satin-soft
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Crotch tends to sag
  • Cuffs are cinched, not elasticated

Fit: 4/5
Style: 4/5
Comfort: 4.5/5

I was a little sceptical when I unpacked these Retake Knit Joggers from Gymshark. Not because the black marl version I ordered (there’s also a light grey marl and a moss olive marl) is more of a textured dark grey. But more because at first they look a little shapeless, even for sweatpants. I was concerned that might mean they’d be baggy and unflattering.

It turned out my scepticism was unfounded. Once I slipped on these cotton-polyester mix fabric joggers, I realised the fit was slimmer than it first looked. And that shapelessness I was worried about is counteracted by subtle knit patterns around the knee, ankle and calf. It’s a neat touch that helps these joggers keep their form remarkably well. These textured areas create a subtle outward twist from knee to ankle, again helping creating a flattering tapered shape.

They also help enhance what is already a reassuringly stretchy material. You can wear these for pretty high intensity workouts with plenty of lateral movement and the Retake will move with you, gliding over joints and potential chafing spots with no trouble.

Gymshark Retake Knit Joggers features

These are also the areas that have maximum contact with your skin. And although the soft, flat-knit fabric of the rest of the joggers is comfortable against the skin, these areas feel satin-soft. The waistband is wide and soft, with a drawstring adjustment. Gymshark has got comfort levels spot-on here too, with a waistband that doesn’t cinch, roll or create any unwanted pressure.

The ankle cuffs are more cinched than elasticated, and feel more like the cuffs you’d find on a jumper or cardigan. That means they can ride up a little if you’re really swinging your pins, but I didn’t find this too noticeable.

The material is lighter that it looks, and I was pleasantly surprised by how it didn’t cling or sag as I worked up a sweat. The Retakes are one of the more breathable sweatpants I’ve worn and dry fairly quickly too – but let’s face it no sweatpants will shed sweat as quickly as technical shorts fabric.

They do tend to sag a little in the crotch but that’s a small price to pay for all-round comfort on HIIT days and rest days alike. The zippered mesh side pockets have plenty of room for essentials and don’t look baggy unless you severely overload them. The embossed Gymshark logo on the hip is a nice touch too.

If you’re after a pair of sweatpants or joggers that’ll guarantee all-day comfort whether you’re in workout or recovery mode, the Retake Knit is well worth trying.