The striking Gymshark Studio Mat offers plenty of grip and protection, through it’s probably too hefty to take everywhere with you…

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Gymshark Studio Mat


$68 / £50,  


  • Striking design 
  • Good size and feel  


  • No carry strap
  • Marks easily  

Grip: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Portability: 3/5

No prizes for guessing who makes this exercise mat. With its bold logo emblazoned all over the front, the Gymshark Studio is not the most subtle of options. It’s a quality piece of kit, though, made from 100% natural rubber, and it feels as slick as it looks.

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If the striking hibiscus pink color isn’t how you roll, then you’ll be glad to know there are more muted brown and black options available. With a fairly standard 180cm length, it’s wider than some on test at 66cm, giving you plenty of room to manouevre.

It held up impressively for us during HIIT and weights workouts, with enough cushioning to keep you protected from a hard floor during yoga, Pilates or meditation practice too. The lighter versions do tend to mark quite easily though.

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The Gymshark Studio feels soft under hand and foot with a reassuringly sticky and grippy coating. The heavy rubber material means it lies down flat with no curling at the edges or bunching up mid-workout. It rolls up neatly for easy storage though there’s no included strap to keep it that way.

A strap and band can be brought separately for £15 which doubles as a yoga strap to assist with stretches and poses.  

Though it stay put once placed on a gym floor, thanks to the weight and that sticky coating, it’s certainly heavier than some other mats. So it’s not an ideal choice to take from home, to work, to the gym and back. Instead, the Gymshark Studio makes more sense as a permanent mat in a home gym 

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Overall we’re impressed with the Gymshark Studio. It has a quality, grippy feel and reassuring cushioning, meaning you can just concentrate on your exercises. It may not be the cheapest on test but it won’t break the bank either, and we think it’s a robust piece of gym kit that will last for years.