Lululemon Always In Motion Boxers review: Prioritising comfort and versatility over locked-in support, Lululemon’s boxers are ideal everyday-wear workout undies…

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Lululemon Always In Motion Boxers


£58 for 3 pairs,


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Subtle crossover styling 


  • Not the most supportive 

Support: 3/5
Comfort: 5/5
Durability: 4/5

Lululemon is renowned for its incredibly comfortable women’s tights so it’s no surprise its men’s sports boxers don’t disappoint either. 

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The super-soft fabric of the Lululemon Always In Motion Boxers apparently comes from wood-based material. Although we’re not 100% sure how the company makes pants from trees, its approach definitely works. These are some of the lightest, comfiest workout-friendly undies on test. 

Lululemon Always In Motion features

We say workout-friendly because although they’re good for general gym sessions and things like yoga, runs and hiking, there’s a real everyday wear feel to them too. If you had to show them off, you wouldn’t immediately feel like you’re wearing your awkward sweaty workout undies.

That’s great if you’re after a multi-purpose pair of briefs that you can wear to the gym after the office. But, it also means the support isn’t quite as dialled-in when it comes to taking on higher-impact gym sessions. They’re not loose but your troops aren’t necessarily fully in the barracks for big jumps and dynamic drills.

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The fabric is not only extremely soft, it’s incredibly light too, so it’s quick drying and doesn’t hold too much moisture. They come with a 5-inch length, plus a comfortable waistband and leg cuffs that don’t roll and cut. 

There are minimal flatlock seams, just in the main pouch. That pouch is supportive enough with a slightly thicker layer of fabric. The whole thing creates a light, barely-there feel that lets you get on with your workout unhindered. 

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The Lululemon Always In Motion come in a wide range of 10 colours and patterns and seven sizes from XS to XXXL.