Lululemon’s heavy duty License To Train Shorts are as useful hiking on a remote trail as they are in the gym…

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Lululemon License to Train Lined 7in Shorts 


£78 /


  • Heavy duty 
  • Flexible material great for gym exercises
  • Various pockets 


  • Compression lining sits close to knee 

Comfort: 4.5/5
Movement: 5/5

Best men's 7-inch shorts – Lululemon License to Train shorts

Lululemon’s License to Train shorts feature a heavier material than others we tested, which makes them more durable but perhaps less suitable for hot-weather exercise

Lululemon started out in yoga apparel with a focus on flexible and resilient fabrics. Its License to Train Lined 7-inch Shorts are definitely heavy duty, and promise ‘protection against barbells and branches’.

Most of the weight comes from the waistband and the inner lining shorts. The lining is made of a stretchy fabric and acts like a pair of compression tights. The outer layer of the shorts is a lighter material that feels soft to touch and well constructed. 

The waistband is elasticated and secure, and features a drawstring fastening. This can also be reversed so it is on the inside of the waistband to reduce bulk. 

There are plenty of pockets, so you’ll have no issue taking items with you. There are two zipped pockets on the side, plus a zipped pocket on the back, which features a fabric loop for fastening a key.

The inner short lining also features a secret elasticated pocket which is perfect for securing a phone while you exercise. We tested this with a large smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy Note) and the elastic held it firmly in place even during vigorous movements. 

The shorts offered a good, streamlined fit, without being overly tight. The inner shorts fit snugly and stop about an inch above the knee. While we could run comfortably in these, the liner’s proximity to the knee could become uncomfortable over longer distances. 

The shorts hold up well to all manner of gym-based exercises, and there’s a 2.5-inch split in the outer seam, which allows for complete range of movement. 

Words: Stephen Adams


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