Although the Myprotein 11-Piece Band Set is lightweight and portable, this budget bundle offers loads of exercise versatility…

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Best system on a budget

Myprotein 11-Piece Band Set


$64 / £50 /

Versatility: 4.5/5
Band quality: 4/5
Resistance range: 3.5/5


  • Excellent value
  • Enables loads of exercises


  • Too light for low rep ranges
  • No instructions or quick-start guide

If you love a good deal, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better set of bands for beginners than the MyProtein 11-Piece Band Set. The system is big on bands and value, shipping with five tube bands, two handles, a leg strap and a door anchor. Despite the fact the set is lightweight and portable, Myprotien’s budget bundle offers loads of versatility when it comes to exercises.

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With no instructions, there’s an expectation that users will either know what they’re doing or be happy figuring things out with online guides. So if you’re thinking about buying the MyProtein 11-Piece Band Set, don’t be afraid of doing a bit of homework first.

Kitted out

The five bands are all different colours, each with a different resistance level, stitched on one of the two fabric ends. Conveniently, the strength of each band is marked both in lbs and kg. That isn’t the case with the other equipment on test, which is exclusively measured in lb. Each end of each band features a carabiner (clamp), which can latch onto either a handle, a leg strap or the door anchor. Everything comes neatly tucked away in a breathable net bag.

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The MyProtein 11-Piece Band Set’s resistance levels are extra-light (10lbs/4.6kg), light (20lbs/9kg), medium (30lbs/13.6kg), heavy (40lbs/18.2kg), and extra-heavy (50lbs/22.8kg). Each band is 110cm long, so you’ll need a fair bit of space to use it to full effect when anchored in a door frame. Once secured, the system is great for flyes, rows, trunk twists and many more exercises. Use the leg strap around your ankle, and it’s ideal for abductor, adductor and glute exercises. And with the handles on both sides, you’ve got shoulder and chest presses covered.

There’s no getting around the fact the MyProtein set isn’t as high resistance as much of the competition, so you won’t be able to drill your rep ranges right down. But for constant tension and high rep range conditioning, the five bands, which can be doubled up for extra resistance, work a treat.

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