on Nathan 365 Joggers review: These ultra-light joggers are as comfy as they come, but are better suited to lazy Sundays than anything too active…

Our full round-up of the best sweatpants features the Nathan 365 Joggers, alongside options from Under Armour, Nike and Gymshark. 


$85 / £84.99, nathansports.com


  • ‘Ultra soft fabric’ is exactly that, and highly comfortable if you’re just lounging around at home.
  • Dry incredibly quickly.
  • Good-sized pockets, plus a smaller zipped pocket.


  • Material is stretchy, but also thin. Not suited to outdoor exercise.
  • Tight-fitting crotch on the Nathan 365 Joggers leaves little to the imagination.

Fit: 3/5
Style: 3/5
Comfort: 5/5

Materials: 88% polyester; 12% elastane | Features: Technical knit / 4-way stretch waistband / Hand pockets / Zipped coin pocket / Tapered leg | Colours: 5 available | Sizes: S-XXL

If comfort is your number-one priority, these Nathan 365 Joggers should be high on your wish list.

The fabric is described by the brand as ‘ultra soft’, and while words like ‘super’ and ‘ultra’ are bandied about way too often, it’s difficult to disagree in this instance. Some clothing goes unnoticed – slip it on and forget about it – but it’s difficult to wear these and not constantly think just how comfy that stretchy material really is.

Added to the positives column are drop-in pockets that are big enough for hands and phones. And a more secure zipped pocket on the right for keys or anything smaller.

The lightweight construction means the Nathan 365 Joggers dry rapidly, too, although whether you’ll be doing much exercise in these is up for debate…

Man doing up the zip of his Nathan 365 Joggers' pocket

Comfort meets convenience with the Nathan 365 Joggers’ small zipped pocket

Are Nathan 365 Joggers good for exercise?

For lounging around the house, you won’t find many better sweatpants or joggers. However, the thinness of the material is such that if you’re after a pair you can work out in you may be better off seeking out something more durable.

Equally, the fit around the crotch area can be, erm, ‘revealing’. If you do get a pair of the Nathan 365 Joggers, make sure you wear them with a compact pair of briefs (one of these should do the trick) to keep everyone else’s imaginations intact.

That said, these are an excellent pair of joggers if you want a pair for doing very little in – and everyone should own at least one of those.

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