No Conformity Lifting Straps review: New company NoCo may not be the cheapest but we think you can’t put a price on reliability…

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No Conformity Lifting Straps




  • Nylon reinforced 
  • Unique look  
  • Strap goes through the loop easily 


  • Just two colors available 
  • Uneven padding 

Grip: 4.5/5
Comfort: 4/5
Durability: 4.5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

No Conformity – or NoCo – is a relatively new company to the fitness equipment market. Its vision is to take common training accessories to the next level with advancements that resolve lifters’ problems.

Primarily it has addressed a common issue with many lifting straps – breaking around the wrist after extensive use. If you’ve had a strap break mid-set, it’s something you’ll not want to repeat. Older straps can also fray at the ends, making them more difficult to use. 

No Conformity Lifting Straps features

NoCo’s engineers have taken care of both problems by using extra nylon to reinforce those stress points. The result is a 20in (50.8cm) strap that can be used for any type of training you want to put them through. 

If you put the straps together, the bottom creates the company logo, which is a nice touch. The padding is comfortable, but their cuts are inconsistent. Mine weren’t even and another customer had the same issue. Hopefully, No Conformity comes out with more colors in the future as well. The two styles they do have are bold and will stand out though. The suede on the wrist end also adds a touch of class too.

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As its name suggests, No Conformity is something of a disruptor, and it’s applied its own spin to other products such as lifting belts and arm trainers. As is often the case with startups, prices need to recoup initial investment, which is why at $34 USD these straps cost more than others on test.

However, if you want a pair of lifting straps that’ll be dependable for every set, the NoCos are a great pair to consider. They were comfortable to use with dumbbells for exercises such as shrugs and one arm rows. If comfort is a priority, then these should be on your list and in you gym bag.