The Nuobell 2-32 adjustable dumbbells offer an excellent weight range, a simple and effective adjustment mechanism, and stylish design…

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$745 / £699 /


  • Wide weight range
  • Smart-looking bit of kit
  • Slick adjustment mechanism
  • The option to add a hip-high stand


  • Handles could be grippier

Grip: 4.5/5
Weight range: 5/5
Ease of adjustment: 5/5

Intuitive design, slick looks and a competitive weight range make the Nuobell 2-32 – the brainchild of Swedish brand NUO Athletics – one of the best adjustable dumbbell systems we had the pleasure of testing.

The one thing adjustable dumbbells need to get right is the mechanism for switching between weights – whether a dial, a button, or otherwise. Happily, Nuobell has got it spot on, with a seamless twist of the handle (while the dumbbells are in their stands or ‘cradles’) allowing you to cycle between the different weights in an instant – right to decrease, left to increase. For anyone still confused by how adjustable dumbbells actually work, once you’ve selected your weight (indicated by a number on the handles), you then simply lift the handle out of the stand and the required plates will stay attached.

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Those plates manage to avoid the common adjustable dumbbell problem of rattling around when you’re lifting, and the handles are knurled (criss-crossed with grooves) for added grip. That grip is effective most of the time, but we did find high-intensity lifting – and consequent sweaty palms – made them slightly slippery. For regular strength training, though, you won’t have any issues, and chalk or gloves can always be used for a stronger grip.

The word ‘stylish’ features heavily in the brand’s mission statement, and it shines through with these. Although the weights (sold in pairs) total a hefty 32kg each, there’s an elegance to their construction that makes them easy on the eye as well as the hands. All in all, a handsome addition to any home gym.

Close up of one end of the nuobell 2-32 adjustable dumbbell

Slick design meets simple practicality – a quick twist of the handle left or right increases or decreases the weight


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