On Sweatpants review: On gets the crossover between gym and casual just right with classic sweatpants that mix style and substance…

On Sweatpants


$119.99 / £100, on-runnning.com


  • Super soft and stretchy
  • Plenty of pockets


  • A bit heavy for rigorous workouts
  • No zippered legs

Comfort: 5/5
Versatility: 3/5
Style: 5/5

If you’re after some gym-casual crossover sweatpants, these On Sweatpants follow On’s trademark simple blueprint: subtle, sophisticated style with the odd quirky feature to improve functionality.

They’re made from an ultra-soft and stretchy blend of recycled polyester, Lyocell and Elastane that creates a silky smooth feel inside and out for top-notch comfort.

On Sweatpants features

At 420g, this midweight fabric isn’t the thinnest or lightest, so unless you’re actually aiming to work up a sweat Rocky Balboa-style, they’re probably best reserved for easier sessions. In my tests I found them OK for lighter upper days in the gym but best for pre-workout warm-ups, and post-session cooldown coverage. There are better choices out there for high intensity workouts.

Beyond comfort, the On Sweatpants stand out for stash space. If you’re a big fan of pockets, these sweats aren’t messing, with four options for stowing your everyday essentials.

There are two classic open slash pockets that are quite deep, so keys and small items tend to stay put even when you sit down. But for proper security, there are two zippered pockets. There’s one front hidden under the open pocket and one larger rear stash space. Both swallow large smartphones, though the front is a bit of a squeeze. You’ll get a bit of bounce in the rear pocket too.

The fit is roomy but not over-baggy with classic tapered legs, cuffed above the ankle. That’s great for stopping the sweat rising up but sadly means you can’t whip them on without taking your training shoes off.

The drawstring waistband is brilliantly soft in the front and a bit more reinforced in the back. The strings are on the outside and they’re also separated on each side. That means you don’t have to worry about losing them inside the waistband – which is neat.

Durability also gets the thumbs-up. In my tests, that silky fabric stayed soft even after loads of trips through the wash.

They come in five sizes from small to XXL and three classic colours: navy, grey and black.