The long version of Skins’ Series 5 tights delivers targeted compression to every leg muscle, though performance comes at a price…

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Skins Series 5 Long Compression Tights 


£125 / 


  • Graduated compression 
  • Fabric is smooth and comfortable 


  • Waistband can roll up 
  • Expensive  

Comfort: 4/5
Compression: 5/5
Sweat-wicking: 4/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5 

The multi-purpose Skins Series 5 tights deliver targeted, high-grade, graduated compression to all the major muscles in your lower torso, including calves, glutes, quads and hamstrings.  

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Featuring the highest compression levels you’ll find in the Skins line-up, they can be worn for all kinds of workouts, from road runs to strength sessions, offering the benefits of reduced muscle vibration and distortion, increased blood flow, comfort and warmth. There’s also a Series 5 compression top if you want the same upper-body benefits.  

These are by far the closest-fitting tights we tested. Wriggling into them was noticeably tougher than the likes of the Canterbury ThermoReg and the Under Armour Rush tights, not least because of the highly elasticated ankle cuffs. So you’ll need to like your tights tight. 

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Once they’re on, the pronounced compression is noticeable. But that second-skin-like feel works well, thanks to the super smooth fabric that flexes where you need it too and feels great against the skin.  

In terms of chafing risk, the flatlock gusset seams felt fine during hour-long workouts but with a few of them in the nether regions there’s definitely potential for friction on longer endurance efforts involving multilateral leg movement.

The fairly narrow elasticated waistband also had a tendency to roll up a little, even though there’s a handy drawstring for a more personalised fit.  

Overall, the Skins Series 5 tights stayed put nicely, even during strenuous sessions. They offered good sweat wicking and drying performance, both important for aiding comfort during workouts.  

Details include an internal stretch rear pocket that’s big enough to hold a larger smartphone, although it’s not the most secure. There’s also some reflective detailing, making you a little more visible on those darker evening runs.  

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