SunGod Velans review: Endless customisation options and sharp performance in changing conditions from INEOS Grenadiers’ glasses of choice…

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SunGod Velans (w/ 8KO Iris HV Blue Photochromatic Lens)


$232 / £192, 


  • Reacts to light levels 
  • Adaptable frame 
  • Custom colours galore


  • Pointed nose rubber 
  • Straight arms 

Clarity: 4/5
Design: 5/5
Comfort: 4/5

For me, the stand-out feature of the SunGods is the option-stuffed ordering process and free custom colour combos. The photochromatic lens worked seamlessly, reacting to changing light conditions and helping me to stay in the flow.

SunGod Velans features

I opted for SunGod’s cycling-specific Velans frame, which gave great coverage. (Those with a bigger bonce may prefer the Vulcans with their supersized lens.) I ordered a custom colour combo of frosted white frame, white arm socks and gold logo. With the blue/pink 8KO Iris HV Blue Photochromatic lens, my design looked pretty sick!  

I also opted to get the top and full frame, which comes with a conversion kit so you can swap between full-frame and ‘half jacket’ style sunglasses – ideal for increased peripheral vision and looking over your shoulder on the road. It’s relatively simple to pop the lower frame out but I wouldn’t recommend doing so mid-ride due to inevitable finger smears on the lens.  

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The 8KO Iris lens lets in between 34% and 79% of light, while blocking 100% of UV. The other option was the Smoke Iris lens that lets in between 16% and 43% of light. After agonising over which to pick, I eventually choosing the 8KO Iris – figuring that on bright days I would probably go with other sunglasses (unless I was wearing an MTB helmet with a shading visor). 

I was a bit concerned about the straight arms but they fitted my head fine and stayed put on every ride. I’d recommend choosing a lens size to suit your face, because the arms aren’t adjustable. 

SunGod Velans performance

Overall, the Velans came close to a fit-and-forget, wear-all-day sunglasses, due to the rapid transition of the lens from light to dark. They immediately became my go-to glasses for changeable conditions and cloudy days, and I could switch between half-jacket on road and full-frame when riding on trails, because off-road is hard on all my gear. 

The only niggle was that the narrow, slightly pointed rubber nose-grips felt a bit weird in the soft skin below my eyes – a design tweak there would be appreciated, but it wasn’t a biggie. 

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The clarity of the lens was great but couldn’t quite compete with some of the high-contrast competition. The light-reactive tech is the clear focus with this lens. Having to faff about with gear really kills my flow, so I appreciated how the lens did the adjustment for me, in changing conditions. If that’s a big thing for you too, then the SunGod Velans are an obvious choice.