Take an exclusive sneak peak at the workouts in Chris Hemsworth’s Centr 6 training plan: 6 exercises, 6 rounds, 6 days a week, for 6 weeks…

What is Centr 6?

Centr 6 is the new six-week workout programme designed to kickstart your New Year’s fitness resolutions for 2020.

Launching 3 February on the Centr by Chris Hemsworth app, Centr 6 will take training back to basics with a simple-to-follow structure suitable for all fitness levels: 6 exercises, 6 rounds, 6 days a week, for 6 weeks.

Inspired by the training Hemsworth enjoys, the workouts can be done anywhere, with only bodyweight exercises and dumbbells.

Trainers Luke Zocchi, Ashley Joi and Da Rulk will be leading the sessions, working through the exercises alongside members every step of the way.

Example Workouts on Centr 6

 Chris Hemsworth Men's Fitness UK

Centr 6 Workouts Exercise 1: SQUAT –  6 reps, 6 rounds

  • The classic squat starts by standing with your feet at shoulder-width, chest proud and your core switched on.
  • With your weight in your heels, sit back and down into a squat aiming to get your quads parallel to the ground.

Rulk – Beginner – Squat Hold

Once you’ve lowered yourself into the squat, hold it. This removes the explosive element and lowers the impact, while still strengthening legs and glutes.

Ashley – Intermediate – Standard Squat

After lowering yourself into the squat position, push back up to the start and repeat. Continue at a steady pace.

Luke – Advanced – Jumping Squat

When your quads reach parallel to the ground, spring up out of the squat into a jump then back into the squatting position and landing lightly on your feet with soft knees. Repeat. This highly explosive movement requires more coordination but will have you shredding calories.

Centr 6 Chris Hemsworth Men's Fitness UK

Centr 6 Workouts Exercise 2: FRONT LUNGE – 6 reps each side, 6 rounds

  • Stand up tall, hands on hips, and engage your core as you step one foot forward and drop your back knee towards the ground into a lunge.
  • Maintain an upright body as you push back up to the start. Repeat, stepping forward with the other leg.

Luke – Beginner

Stick to the classic lunge movement, alternating legs, using no weights.

Rulk – Intermediate

Add dumbbells, held at your sides, to increase resistance.

Ashley – Advanced

While in the lunge, complete a bicep curl – bending at the elbow to raise both dumbbells to your shoulders. Lower the dumbbells, then push back into the standing position. Alternate legs and repeat. This will tone and strengthen your arms while working your legs.

 Chris Hemsworth Men's Fitness UK

Centr 6 Workouts Exercise 3: CRUNCHES – 6 reps, 6 rounds

  • Lie on your back with your knees in the air above your hips.
  • With your hands supporting your head, draw your belly button through to your spine to engage your abdominal muscles and raise your upper body off the ground to crunch, then lower back down.
  • Think of the crunch movement as shortening the distance between your ribs and your pelvis.

Rulk – Beginner

The go-to abdominal strengthening crunch, with legs forming a tabletop.

Ashley – Intermediate – Sit-Up

With legs bent and feet on the floor, the sit-up will work your abs even harder and bring your chest and hip flexors into the mix. Just keep those feet on the floor!

Luke – Advanced – Full Sit-Up

A full sit-up activates more muscles as it requires a bigger range of motion. Driving your arms forward between your legs pulls your torso toward your knees into as upright a position as possible.

Centr 6 Chris Hemsworth Men's Fitness UK

Centr 6 Workouts Exercise 4: DEADLIFT + BENT-OVER DUMBBELL ROWS – 6 reps, 6 rounds

  • Standing with spine neutral, feet hip-width apart, and arms straight holding the dumbbells in front of each thigh, hinge at your hips and lower the dumbbells toward the top of your feet.
  • At this point, keeping your back flat and elbows close to the body, pull the dumbbells up towards your chest and lower back down again.
  • Return to standing position, engaging your core throughout, and repeat.

Luke – Beginner

Lower the movement required by performing a dumbbell deadlift only. This compound exercise still recruits your full body to burn big calories.

Ashley – Intermediate

By adding a double-armed dumbbell row after the deadlift movement, you’re also targeting your back and arms to build strength.

Rulk – Advanced

Up the intensity by alternating one-arm rows, giving your lats an extra boost.

Centr is Chris Hemsworth’s personalised digital health and fitness program featuring a wide range of workouts. Available from the App Store or online at centr.com.


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