The British boxer reveals some simple but effective tactics for fine-tuning your fitness.

Luke Campbell, MBE, has spent seven years as a professional boxer – turning pro one year after becoming a British hero at the 2012 London Olympics by winning Bantamweight gold on home soil.

Now 32 and a seasoned veteran – with negotiations underway for a much-anticipated fight against rising star Ryan Garcia – Campbell shares the simple strategies you should be using to get fighting fit…

Luke Campbell's Get-Fit Tips | Men's Fitness UK

Photo: @luke11campbell

Don’t Worry About Weight

“Obviously I’ve got to weigh a certain weight when I fight,” says Campbell, “but I don’t get fixated on it on a daily basis.

“Worrying about what you weigh is a really unhealthy way to train and live your life. You should workout to feel good, not concentrating on how many pounds you’ve put on or lost.”

Get Some Sleep

“I can’t stress enough the importance of getting a good night’s sleep for my training, particularly when I’m in camp for a fight,” Campbell explains.

“There’s no point putting all that graft in at the gym if you’re staying up late or only getting five or six hours a night. I try to be in bed before 10pm every night before a fight and get a solid eight hours – I’ve massively seen the benefits for my recovery and focus.”

Correct your Form 

“Everyone lifts in boxing now, and strength and conditioning work is a massive part of my routine,” says Campbell, before cautioning, “but some of the sights you see in the gym are absolute horror shows!

“If you can’t deadlift with correct form, take some plates off. It might look alright with your pals on Instagram but you’re just going to end up hurting yourself.”

Boxer Luke Campbell Shares His 5 Best Get-Fit Tips | Men's Fitness UK

Change your Routine

“Boxing can be incredibly repetitive – working on a game plan, specific drills for an opponent and so on – so it’s really important I change up my routine when possible,” Campbell says.

“A bike ride instead of a run, for instance, or go for a swim instead of hill sprints – basically anything that gives me the same benefits but keeps the body guessing.”

Ignore the Mirror

“I know a lot of guys go to the gym to look good with their tops off,” says Campbell, “but it shouldn’t be your main focus. In boxing, it’s about having a functional physique – it’s not a bodybuilding competition.

“Look at Tyson Fury: he might not win Mr Universe, but he can go 12 rounds with Wilder and is one of the best fighters on the planet.

“Train to feel good, not look good.”


  • 10-min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
  • Finish with a 2-min plank

– Clapping Press-Up x 10
– Tricep Dip x 20
– Bodyweight Squat x 20
– Burpee into Tuck Jump x 10
– Reverse Lunge x 15 (each leg)
– Bicycle Crunch x 50


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