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About Men’s Fitness

At Men’s Fitness we’re committed to helping you become fitter, healthier and happier. For over 16 years, we’ve been publishing authoritative health and fitness content – written by our expert editors and contributors – in the form of the monthly Men’s Fitness magazine. Our website was launched in 2019, the same year Men’s Fitness was acquired by independent UK publisher Kelsey Media.

In the past, there’s a good chance you would have associated us with topless male models and eight-pack abs. These days, we’ve expanded our remit slightly. Our extensive collection of workouts, strength training tips and nutrition advice will help you look the part, sure, but it’s an unfortunate fact that big muscles are no substitute for mental wellbeing – which is why you’ll also find the tools you need to improve the unseen aspects of your health.

If you’re looking for celebrity training plans or quick-fix diets, other corners of the internet will serve you better. However, if you want to learn how to make a healthy way of living second nature – no matter how busy you are – we’ve got you covered.

Advice you can trust

At Men’s Fitness we pride ourselves on delivering information that serves a singular purpose: to improve some aspect of your health, fitness or wellbeing. When it comes to product reviews, each review you read has been written by either a highly experienced editor or expert contributor. It’s important to note that we do earn money from advertising, but editorial endorsements are unaffected by commercial interests. If we praise a product, it’s because it’s of genuine quality and well worth buying.

Occasionally brands will pay us to promote their products, but you can clearly see when that’s the case because the first line of the article will reference that it is paid-for content. And you will only ever see sponsored content pieces as standalone articles, never as part of product roundups.

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Meet the MF Team and Contributors

Isaac Williams, Men’s Fitness editor

Isaac Williams, Men’s Fitness editor

With close to a decade’s experience in fitness publishing, editor Isaac has a keen interest in all things exercise and sport. An occasional ultramarathon runner, he enjoys covering long distances very slowly. At the opposite end of the fitness spectrum, he’s also a fan of picking weights up off the floor. When he’s not hammering at his keyboard, you’ll find him plodding around south east London, or battling to keep a small army of houseplants alive.

Find out how editor Isaac Williams got on at HYROX London, here: How hard is HYROX?

Laurence McJannet Men's Fitness online writer

Laurence McJannet, Men’s Fitness online writer

Laurence is a sports, fitness and lifestyle writer. He began his journalism career in Beirut and Amsterdam, before returning to the UK to write for the likes of ProCycling, What Mountain Bike and Outdoor Fitness magazines. In the process of writing Bikepacking (Mountain Bike Camping Adventures on the Wild Trails of Britain), he cycled and wild camped across some of most remote places in the UK, subsequently taking TV presenter Sean Fletcher on one of his off-road cycling adventures for an episode of BBC Countryfile.

Headshot of Kieran Alger, Men's Fitness contributor

Kieran Alger, expert product reviewer

Kieran is a freelance writer and editor working in the space where health, fitness, sports and technology collide. You’ll find him covering everything from the best running headphones, to the best kettlebells for home workouts.

Follow Kieran on Instagram @manvmiles

Headshot of nutritionist Rob Hobson

Rob Hobson, performance nutritionist

An award-winning, registered nutritionist and sports nutritionist with over 15 years’ experience, Rob Hobson runs London-based consultancy RHNutrition, seeing private clients and working with leading brands within the wellness industry. For MF, Rob was one of the expert judges for our Nutrition Awards 2024.

Find out more at

Sam Rider, Men's Fitness contributor

Sam Rider, contributor

Formerly Men’s Fitness’ fitness editor, Sam Rider is now a freelance writer, editor and consultant specialising in sport and fitness. As a contributor to MF, he’s limbered up for this review of mobility app pliability, swung into action for this PowerBlock Pro Adjustable Kettlebell review, and explored why training with resistance machines can be more effective than you might have been led to believe.

Find out more at

Men's Fitness contributor Joe Minihane swimming in the sea in Brighton

Joe Minihane, contributor

Joe Minihane is an author, travel journalist and editor based in Brighton. His 2017 memoir, Floating, explores how wild swimming can ease struggles with anxiety and depression. For Men’s Fitness, he has written a wide range of features covering men’s mental health: from coping with anxiety to the expert guide to being less stressed.

Follow Joe on Instagram @joeminihane