The Gymproluxe Band & Bar Set 2.0 is a clever set-up that covers loads of exercises and is definitely better suited to upper-body training…

The Gymproluxe Band & Bar Set 2.0 gives you three levels of resistance in one convenient, lightweight belt. We think it’s one of the best resistance bands for chest training we’ve experienced. While it’s a clever setup that covers loads of exercises, it’s definitely better suited to upper body training.

Men’s Fitness verdict

Version 2.0 has been updated to give you everything you need for upper body training in one set. It’s a good value kit and intuitive to use, but lower body training options are limited.
  • Excellent for chest and upper body
  • Quick and east to adjust resistance
  • Limited lower-body benefit
  • Additional kit required for full-body training

How we test the best resistance bands with handles

Our expert tester Basil Kronfli is an experienced PT and understands what makes a good set of resistance bands. He tested each product through its entire resistance range (including any optional extra bands) and across a wide range of banded exercises. Basil also used all available accessories such as door anchors, leg straps or carabiners for an extended period. He tested and marked each resistance band for its versatility, for the quality of the bands and the handles and for its overall weight range.

Version 2.0 comes with 2x 10kg, 15kg and 20kg bands

Band & Bar Set 2.0 kit

The whole set also fits neatly into the included fabric carry case. It can be used with or without the steel bar the band set ships with. The bar measures around one metre when assembled, but is made up of two half-metre bars that securely screw together.

The belt combines three short latex bands on either side, each sheathed in fabric. The colour of the fabric indicates the strength of the band. Whereas the original had five different band options to purchase, version 2.0 comes is more simplified. In the box you get 2 x 22lb / 10kg white bands, 2 x 33lb / 15kg green bands and 2 x 44lb / 20kg black bands. That means if you use all the bands you’re getting up to 90kg / 200lb of resistance. Though of course you can drop bands to lower resistance.

Flexible setup

After you’ve bought the set, you can buy other the Gymproluxe Adjustable Belt Tubes with different resistance depending on your needs. So you could swap out any of the bands for other 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg bands – allowing you to go up to 120kg / 265lb in total.

Given the fact you don’t have to use the steel bar to get a good upper body workout from the Gymproluxe Band & Bar Set 2.0, the standalone belt is a great travel option for anyone intent on keeping up with their upper body resistance band workouts while on a trip. Presses, rows, curls and flyers are all easy to access whether standing up or lying down, so you can smash out a decent workout pretty much anywhere.