Hermosa Whey Protein Powder is a premium protein shake at a premium price, but it’s so tasty it provides a great incentive to work out…

Hermosa is a premium protein powder that’s made from non-GMO, ethically sourced ingredients and with a focus on sustainability. The shake is made from 85% protein concentrate from grass-fed cows, with each serving containing 21g of protein. It’s rich in essential amino acids, low in fat and sugar and uses the natural sweetener stevia. It’s an ideal alternative to protein bars and is one of the best protein powders.

Men’s Fitness verdict

While it’s costly, this whey protein powder is the purest, smoothest and tastiest on test. No cloying sweetness or bitter aftertaste; just a delicious tasting shake – the best we’ve tried.
  • Delicious rich flavour
  • Ethically sourced
  • Not too sweet
  • Expensive
  • Limited sizes and flavours
  • Only available online

How we test the best protein powders

Registered nutritionist (AFN) and sports nutritionist (SENr) Rob Hobson only tested chocolate-flavoured powders to provide consistency in his reviews. He judged them on their taste, texture, solubility and nutritional effectiveness, as well as cost per serving and availability. He also took into account the variety of flavours and any recyclable packaging.

Hermosa is also available in 10 x 30g sachets
Protein per serving:21g
Cost per serving:£2.03
Sizes:10 x 30g / 420g / 1kg
Flavours:Chocolate, vanilla

Hermosa Whey Protein Powder benefits

Unlike many powders on test, Hermosa gets the taste balance just right. It’s not too sweet or with a bitter aftertaste. In fact both chocolate and vanilla flavours are rich and pretty moreish.

The brand prides itself on using sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. The ingredients list is minimal and contains what you’d expect from a good protein shake, using sunflower lecithin instead of soy as an emulsifier.

A 30g serving of the shake contains 125 calories when mixed with water. Depending on the flavour it also contains up to 3g of fats and up to 4.5g of carbs – of which 2g is sugars.

Price and availability

The shake mixes well with water to give a nice smooth texture. The downside of Hermosa’s powders is the price, which may be prohibitive if you regularly take protein powders. Each serving works out at about £2, though there’s a subscription available which offers a 15% discount.

As well as the 1kg pouch you can get Hermosa Whey Protein Powder in a 420g glass jar and in 10 x 30g on-the-go sachets, though these work our even more expensive. Whichever one you choose, you can only get Hermosa shakes online, though it’s a next-day delivery service.

Overall, this is one of the best-tasting shakes on test with quality ingredients and a lovely smooth texture. However, that quality does come at a price.

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