These Primal Strength 34kg adjustable dumbbells may be a premium price, but they’re a high-quality, versatile investment for any home gym user.

Kitting out your home gym with the best adjustable dumbbells is a great way to save space. Here’s how the Primal Strength 34kg adjustable dumbbells measure up.

Men’s Fitness verdict

This beastly set of bells is straightforward to set up and offers a massive 21 different weights to work with. They are on the more expensive side, but it’s worth remembering these come as a pair.
  • Easy to adjust and use
  • Wide, comfortable grip
  • Extensive weight range
  • Relatively large footprint

How we tested the best adjustable dumbbells

Our tester David Thomas is an experienced product reviewer of all manner of fitness kit. He tested this adjustable dumbbell at various weights and through a range of exercises at high rep ranges to see how it handles, assessing it in terms of grip, comfort, and weight range. He then provided an overall score, taking build quality, performance and price into consideration.

Primal Strength 34kg adjustable dumbbells on optional stand
There is an optional stand to go with the Primal Strength adjustable dumbbells

Primal Strength 34kg adjustable dumbbells features

There’s no getting around it: these are a beastly set of bells. They arrive in half a dozen boxes, and you could be forgiven for thinking you’d ordered an entire gym by accident (unpacking them is a workout in itself).

However, I found it straightforward to set up the dumbbells, and getting started requires nothing more than a glance at the instructions. The set offers you weight options from 5kg to 34kg, giving you 21 different weights to work with. That’s enough of a range, whatever your experience, and the top-end weight is perfect for a heavier leg workout with dumbbells, or this dumbbell chest workout.

Using the Primal Strength 34kg adjustable dumbbells

I tried every weight and found the handles to be comfortable throughout. Although one of the most expensive dumbbells on test, it’s worth remembering these come as a pair (often you’ll have to buy individual dumbbells).

To adjust the weights, simply move the sliders to the desired resistance and get going. They’re a little longer than the other adjustable dumbbells I tested, so the footprint of each dumbbell in its tray is larger. But buying a pair will still save you significant floor space when compared to a traditional set of dumbbells covering the same weight range.

Weight range5kg-34kg (11lbs-75lbs)
Dimensions20 x 7 x 7 inches