Looking for an extra-long exercise mat that’s robust, supportive and looks the business? Look no further than the Lululemon (Big) Mat…

Upgrade your workouts with one of the biggest and best exercise mats we’ve reviewed. Here’s how the Lululemon (Big) Mat performed when we put it to the test.

The Lululemon (Big) Mat  


$124 / £108, lululemon.co.uk 

Grip: 4.5/5
Comfort: 5/5
Portability: 3.5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5 


  • Longest on test  
  • Reversible  


  • Expensive  
  • Not suitable for those with rubber or latex allergies 

Extra thick, extra wide and extra stylish. It seems that Lululemon has done the impossible and reinvented one of the simplest pieces of fitness kit you can buy. Yet you might ask why a 5mm-thick mat costs over £100. Even with the price, though, it still makes it into our best home kit guide.

We’re not sure why Lululemon puts its (Big) Mat in brackets – there’s no hiding from the fact this is a large mat. Though the Pliability Mat is wider, none on test are as long as this 213 x 71cm option. It’s an excellent choice for the tall and longer-limbed among us.

The Lululemon (Big) Mat design

The Lululemon (Big) Mat is made from sustainably sourced, FSC-certified natural rubber. It feels soft and pleasant to the touch, and is easy to wipe down and clean after each session. It’s available in six eye-catching marble designs too.  

It has a top layer that not only absorbs moisture to help you stay grounded when sweaty, but also has an antimicrobial coating that helps prevent unpleasant post-workout mat smells developing.

Unusually for an exercise mat, the Lululemon (Big) Mat is reversible, meaning you can flip as needed between the smooth, grippy side for strenuous bodyweight HIIT workouts or the cushioned, natural rubber side for moves that require a little traction or when things get particularly sweaty.

Both sides feel secure when exercising – this is a mat that won’t budge, bunch or curl however much you move on it.

Overall, we think The Lululemon (Big) Mat is worth the price. It’s well made from natural materials and ought to stand the test of time. It hits the sweet spot between grip and support. It rolls up well and is fairly easy to carry (despite its size). You can flip it to suit different exercises. Oh, and it looks the business too.