GU Hydration Tablets review: Ideal for larger bottles and longer sessions, GU tablets will see you through intense or prolonged training…

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GU Hydration Tablets


$30 for 4 tubes (12 tablets each), / £6.99 for 1 tube or £52.95 for 8 tubes,


  • Punchy flavours, although maybe a bit too intense for some
  • Good amount of electrolytes in the mix, especially sodium


  • Pack size is limited to 12 tablets
  • Contains sugar, although minimal

Taste: 4.5/5
Solubility: 5/5
Effectiveness: 4.5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

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These tablets contain a basic mix of electrolytes, but all that’s essential. The sodium content of each tablet (320mg) is enough to support adequate hydration and ward off hyponatraemia during moderate to intense, prolonged exercise. These tablets are suitable for all types of exercise, though they’d not be required for sports that don’t include a significant degree of sweating.

GU Hydration Tablets benefits

The flavour of the electrolytes is good and has a nice tang, but it may be a bit too intense for some people. You only need one tablet to mix with 750ml of water – that’s a large enough serving to get you through a moderate to intense training session. The tablet combines well in water and doesn’t require any additional shaking to combine.

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The tablets are sweetened with a combination of sugar and stevia, although the sugar content is minimal. Vitamin B6 has been added to promote the transport of electrolytes in the body and for its role in energy metabolism and maintaining a healthy nervous system, but it’s rarely lacking in our diet.

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The packaging is convenient and can easily be thrown into your kit bag or pocket. However, they are only 12 tablets per tube so you may want to order in bulk. At 55p per serving for the multipacks they are pretty good value, especially as you dissolve each tablet in 750ml. There are four flavours to choose from – lemon and lime, three berries, orange and strawberry lemonade.