Nuun Hydration Sport review: With a good range of flavours, and available with or without caffeine, these mini tubes are ideal for hydrating on the go…

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Nuun Hydration Sport


$7.49 per tube (10 tablets per tube) or $59.92 for 8 tubes, / £26 for 4 tubes or £49 for 8 tubes,


  • Good blend of electrolytes
  • Naturally sweetened and coloured
  • Versions available with and without caffeine


  • Flavour is not the strongest
  • Pack size is small, containing only 10 tablets

Taste: 4/5
Solubility: 5/5
Effectiveness: 4.5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

Nuun’s Hydration Sport range is available with or without caffeine and contains a good blend of electrolytes. The sodium content of these tablets is enough at 300mg to ward off hyponatraemia and promote good hydration during moderate or intense exercise.

Nuun Hydration Sport benefits

These tablets are sugar-free, sweetened with natural sweetener stevia and naturally coloured with beetroot powder. These have the most natural ingredient list of all the electrolytes we’ve reviewed.

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They dissolve well in water and don’t require any shaking. Nuun recommends one tablet should be dissolved in 475ml water per serving. So if you’re filling a 750ml water bottle for training or competition you’ll need more than one tablet so it’s not too diluted. Just bare in mind that multiple doses will mean taking in more than the 300mg sodium in each tablet. That may be too much, particularly for light sweaters.

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The lemon and lime flavour we tested has a pleasant flavour, although it’s not as strong as some of the other electrolyte tablets. This might not be the electrolyte drink for you if you prefer a more intense or sweeter taste.

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As each tube only contains 10 tablets, they’re the most convenient on test to carry around in a pocket or kit bag. At 65p per serving, they’re not the cheapest, and if you want to fill a larger water bottle you’ll need to double the dose, increasing the cost.

They’re available online only, but there are 13 flavours to choose from, including four caffeinated versions.