SiS Go Hydro review: SiS products are backed by sound science and these sodium-rich electrolyte tablets offer reliable hydration support…

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SiS Go Hydro


£8 per tube (20 tablets) or £60 for 8 tubes, (not available in the US)


  • Good amount of sodium
  • Lots of flavours
  • Mixes well


  • Some flavours are caffeinated
  • B vitamins may not be needed
  • High sodium not suitable for everyone

Taste: 5/5
Solubility: 5/5
Effectiveness: 5/5

As you’d expect from a well-established brand like SiS, these tablets do exactly what they say on the tin. The most important electrolyte when exercising is sodium, and the amount used in these tablets is science-driven to promote superior hydration.

SiS Go Hydro Benefits

These tablets are suitable for all athletes and are Informed Sports approved, making them a good choice for those engaged in professional competition. The sodium content is high at 870mg, so it’s not a good choice for people who need to restrict their intake of this mineral. But that’s good news for gym goers who tend to sweat a lot during exercise.

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The tablets are sugar free and sweetened with sucralose; they also use natural colourings. The strawberry and lime flavour we tested is light and refreshing with a slight tang. You only need one tablet mixed with 500ml of water, so it’s useful for moderate to intense training sessions. Tablets dissolve quickly in water without any additional shaking.

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These tablets contain B vitamins, used in the body to convert food into energy and to support a healthy nervous system and cognition. These vitamins also play a role in electrolyte transport systems in the body.

Still, we don’t think they’re really needed in an electrolyte supplement, especially as they’re so abundant in our diet. Some flavours also contain green tea extract, which has a little caffeine. So make sure you check if you’re sensitive to caffeine or tend to train later in the evening.

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The packaging is small and convenient so it’s no hassle to keep a tube to your kit bag. SIS is a well-established brand that produces top-quality products with sound scientific foundations – as its name suggests. At 40p per serving, Go Hydro tablets are good value and you can choose from 13 great tasting flavours. SiS products are available in many sports and fitness outlets, as well as online.