Ultima Replenisher review: In powder rather than tablet form, this vitamin C-rich drink is ideal for everyday hydration and wellness…

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Ultima Replenisher electrolyte powder


$44.99 for 11.4oz (90 servings), ultimareplenisher.com / £69.99 for 288g (90 servings), amazon.co.uk


  • A natural blend free of artificial sweeteners, flavourings or colourings
  • Good combination of electrolytes
  • Mixes very well


  • Not the strongest of flavours
  • Sodium levels are too low to support prolonged exercise

Taste: 3.5/5
Solubility: 5/5
Effectiveness: 3.5/5

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Rather than the tablet form of most electrolyte drinks, Ultima Replenisher is available in powder form. You can buy it in a pouch with 20 single-serving stick packs, or as 30- or 90-serving tubs. The manufacturer recommends dissolving each serving or scoop in 450ml water.

Ultima Replenisher benefits

Ultima Replenisher contains a good blend of electrolytes as well as vitamin C. It has very little sodium at just 55mg per serving, so it’s better suited to everyday activities and wellness rather than supporting hydration under more extreme exercise conditions. Vitamin C is good for boosting the immune system and for its antioxidant properties, though it’s not necessary for hydration.

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The powder is sugar-free, sweetened with stevia and flavoured and coloured naturally. While this may appeal to some people, the result is that the favour is very mild and subtle. So it may not go down well with those that prefer a stonger, more flavoursome electrolyte.

The electrolyte mixes very well, which is one benefit of using a powder rather than a soluble tablet. It’s also straightforward to adjust the dose to suit a bigger serving size rather than having to break tablets into portions.

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The packaging isn’t the most convenient (unless you buy the stick packs) if you’re looking for an electrolyte you can carry in your kit bag. So you’ll need to prepare your drink either before or after training sessions.

You can only buy Ultima Replenisher online, but there are nine flavours to choose from, as well as the different pack sizes. The larger 90-serving tub is the most cost-effective, but even that works out at 77p per serving, which is one of the most expensive on test.