With impressive firmness and comfort, the Pure2Improve Exercise Gym Ball is a useful addition to any home gym set-up… 

If you’re new to using the best exercise balls or are stuck for workout inspiration, the Pure2Improve Exercise Gym Ball is well worth a look. At first glance it looks like just another black PVC gym ball, but it has 18 illustrated exercises printed around its circumference, making it a useful piece of home gym equipment.

Men’s Fitness verdict

Pure2Improve’s gym ball is right up there where comfort, stability and support are concerned. Those 18 exercises printed on it are useful if you’re after some workout inspiration too.
  • Handy exercise illustrations
  • Firm and comfortable
  • No colour options
  • Stopper difficult to remove

How we test the best exercise balls

Our testers used each exercise ball as part of their day-to-day fitness routine for at least a month. They tested them during bodyweight workouts, resistance weight training and mobility work and judged them on their firmness, durability and comfort – taking price, maximum load, ease of inflation and colour/size options and accessories into account when awarding a final score.

Available in two sizes – 65cm or 75cm – the Pure2Improve Exercise Ball is suitable for all but the shortest of users. At £28.99 and £31.99 respectively, it’s a fairly cost-effective option for home fitness studios, or exercising on the go as it comes with a hand pump for easy inflation – though the stopper can be tricky to pull out when deflating.

Pure2Improve Exercise Gym Ball features

Its dense 100% PVC rubber walls will withstand a fair bit of mistreatment and offer plenty of stability and support. It can handle dynamic and weighted exercises too as it’s built to cope with weights up to 440lb (200kg) – plenty even for heavier users lifting 20kg-plus dumbbells. 

At just 1.2kg the Pure2Improve Exercise Gym Ball is fairly lightweight despite its thick rubber walls. It’s easy to grip and control thanks to its ribbed surface which is slick enough to glide over the floor but sticky enough to prevent it slipping beneath you. It’s also easy to wipe down after each use.

Overall Pure2Improve’s exercise ball is one of the firmest and most comfortable balls to use for static and dynamic exercises alike. Unless you’re particularly short of stature it’s a useful and cost-effecting addition to any home gym set-up.

Sizes:65cm / 25.6in, 75cm / 29.5in
Pump included:Yes
Weight limit:200kg / 440lb

Words: Lucy Miller