This true alcohol-free lager has most of the hallmarks of its alcoholic original, but can it match it for flavour?

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San Miguel 0.0


£4 for 4 / (not available in the US)


  • A ‘true’ 0.0% beer
  • Light and easy to drink
  • Refreshing on a hot day


  • Not as tasty as the alcoholic version

Taste: 4/5
Low-kcals: 5/5

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San Miguel 0.0 is a perfectly tasty alcohol-free lager. Drink it chilled on a hot summer’s day and the crisp, clean taste will go down nicely. While that’s exactly what many people will be looking for in their lager, beer connoisseurs will be left feeling wanting by the lack of any real flavour.

San Miguel 0.0 is the product of fermentable sugars – from which alcohol is formed – being reduced in the brewing process. The rest of the brewing process involves all the beer ingredients – water, barley and hops – used to make the original San Miguel lager.

The result, perhaps unsurprisingly, is that this tastes a bit like the alcoholic version, but there’s a definite sense of something missing.

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Of course, that’s not a problem if you’ve never tried the original, and shouldn’t detract from the fact that this is a perfectly palatable alcohol-free option.

Each 330ml bottle of San Miguel 0.0 contains just 79 calories – that’s 69.5 calories less than you’ll find in a San Miguel – so it can be enjoyed as part of any calorie-controlled diet plan. And unlike other alcohol-free beers that actually contain up to 0.5% alcohol, this is a ‘true’ 0.0% option.

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