The Reebok Nano X3 is the Ben Stokes of the gym shoes world – versatile and dependable, it’s the perfect all-rounder…

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Reebok Nano X3


$140 / £130 /


  • Comfortable, with plenty of cushioning
  • Stylish design


  • Laces a little short
  • All-rounder rather than a specialist design

Fit: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5
Performance: 4.5/5

Regularly recommended by a wide range of fitness professionals and gym-goers, the Reebok Nano X3 is a superb all-around gym shoe, and arguably the most versatile trainer on this list. It’s best function is probably as a cross-training shoe.

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It features excellent lateral support, plus a good deal of grip and traction from the shoe’s rubber outsole. The Reebok Nano X3 is a stable, secure shoe, able to handle multiple movements, as well as the strain put on by heavy lifting. It’s also highly comfortable, and easy to slip on and off.

The versatility of this shoe makes it perfect for cross-training. It’s got a good spring to it, particularly in the heel area, and the breathable upper material means your feet can stay fresh even during the most intense sessions. Capable of supporting you during lifting and cardio workouts alike, this is a genuine all-rounder. 

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What’s more, it looks the part. We tried out the core black colour scheme, which is sharp yet understated, but the five other designs (including orange flare and cloud white) look stylish, too. That means if you want a comfy footwear option for when you’re outside the gym, this will do the job nicely.

There genuinely aren’t many downsides to this shoe. The laces may be a little short and liable to come undone, but that isn’t a huge problem. If you’re looking for a quality all-rounder that can handle the variety of exercises included in a multi-format routine, you can’t really go wrong with the Reebok Nano X3.

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