The new issue – on sale now – is packed full of home workouts and tips on how to emerge from lockdown in the best shape of your life.

When we got the last issue out the door, gyms were full, shops were open, and all was relatively normal in the world; now a thick fog of anti-bac hangs in the air and we’re doing more press-ups than ever before.

Clearly, these are extraordinary times, and we really do hope every person reading this – whose support now, more than ever, we at Men’s Fitness are incredibly grateful for – is in good health and as good spirits as can be expected.

But we imagine you’re here for workouts and fitness advice, not well-wishes, in which case this issue has plenty to keep your mind and body busy for however long we’re cooped up for, including quick HIIT morning workouts, bodyweight-only circuits, and the daily mobility routine to ensure you emerge from isolation with a newfound flexibility.

And while you’re forced to work out from your own front room, we’ve run the rule over ten of the best home training apps to keep your fitness on track. You’ll also find a catalogue of workouts and training wisdom on this very website – and while you’re there, you can sign up to our new weekly newsletter, delivering exclusive content and product offers straight to your inbox.  

The gym might be off-limits, but that’s no reason to let things slip. The lockdown offers opportunities, as well as sacrifices. It’s a chance to broaden our horizons, to take up yoga, meditation, maybe even give some attention to sorely neglected and deeply hidden abdominals.   

We’re working hard to help you keep body and mind fighting fit in these extraordinary times.
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5 good reasons to subscribe to Men's Fitness magazine


It’s a boom time for fitness apps, but they weren’t all made equal. Our roundup of the best in the business sorts the wheat from the chaff to help you stay in shape from your own front room.


5 good reasons to subscribe to Men's Fitness magazine


Comedy writer Ralph Jones takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to working out from home, including a step-by-step guide to shoulder-pressing your baby, how to deadlift the sofa, and why two 3kg bags of Tesco fusilli pasta are perfect for squat thrusters.


5 good reasons to subscribe to Men's Fitness magazine


At one point in our chat with decorated sailor Alex Thomson, he reveals there was a moment on a recent voyage when his nearest neighbours were the members of the International Space Station. As such, there’s no-one more qualified to offer advice on keeping your own company – as well as sharing some hair-raising tales from sailing the seven seas.


5 good reasons to subscribe to Men's Fitness magazine


Work your core from every angle with this 10-move session that requires nothing but a square foot of space. Prepare to feel the burn!


5 good reasons to subscribe to Men's Fitness magazine


Just as getting bigger, stronger or leaner requires hard work and consistent effort, protecting your mental health is about forming healthy habits and working on your wellbeing. In this time of isolation, creating a positive headspace has never been more important.

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