When it’s too cold to train outdoors, maximize fitness and fat loss with a Wattbike and a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.


“A HIIT workout involves repeated short and very hard efforts interspersed with periods of light pedalling or even complete rest,” says Wattbike Training Consultant Dr David Nichols.

“By training well into the red, a HIIT workout stresses both the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. With each repeated bout we rely more on aerobic energy as we deplete anaerobic reserves.

“There are different types of HIIT workout sessions you can do on a Wattbike, but all of them are hard,” says Nichols. “Whether it’s all-out maximal sprints of five to ten seconds or longer four-minute repeats, the recovery component is key to be able to consistently hit those higher power outputs during every interval.

“And the aim should always be to reach complete failure by the end of the final rep, such that you feel like you couldn’t do any more.”

Wattbike Workout: 5 HIIT Sessions To Try

1. 2 x (4 x 30sec efforts @115-125rpm, 30secs recovery)

HIIT Workout 01

2. – 8 x (10sec efforts @120-130rpm, 50secs recovery)
– 8 x (20sec efforts @120-130rpm, 40secs recovery)

HIIT Workout 02

3. – 8 x (15sec efforts @115rpm, 45secs recovery)
– 8 x (30sec efforts @115rpm, 30secs recovery)

HIIT Workout 03

4. 8 x (20sec efforts @120rpm, 20secs recovery)

HIIT Workout 04

5. – 5 x (20sec efforts @115rpm, 20secs recovery)
– 5 x (20sec efforts @115rpm. 20secs recovery)

HIIT Workout 05


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