Bellator mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Fabian Edwards reveals how he’s keeping fighting fit from home.

With a 9-0-0 winning record, MMA star Edwards is on the path to becoming a world champion.

The middleweight fighter also known as ‘The Assassin’ is currently signed to leading MMA promotion Bellator MMA. Fighting out of Birmingham, he’s yet to taste defeat in his professional career and in nine pro fights, he has only lost one round.

Park Runs

“I’ve been doing two 10-mile runs a week,” says Birmingham-based Edwards, who combines the long-distance running with some higher intensity sprints.

“Luckily, I live close to a big park, so I’ve been able to get outside and get the work done. There are some good hills and a good-sized area for me to get those sprints in.”

Garage Sessions

“I’ve been working out with my brother, Leon (also a professional MMA fighter, signed to UFC) in the garage, doing some circuit and weight training.

“Our strength and conditioning coach has blessed us with some weights and he gave us a programme to follow: it’s seven days a week and we normally do around nine exercises, which we do in a block of three.

“For example, single-leg squats, shoulder press, followed by medicine ball slams. We do that for 10-15 reps, rest for 90 seconds and then repeat the three exercises four time, then we move onto the next set of three exercises.”

Bellator MMA fighter Fabian Edwards reveals how he's keeping fighting fit in isolation – Men's Fitness UK

Photography: Bellator MMA

Shadow Boxing

“You can do shadow boxing at a decent pace anywhere around the house,” says Edwards, “as long as you have a good base level of fitness.

“The idea is you throw about 10-15 punches as fast as you can. That will definitely get your heart rate going!”


“I invested in a pull up bar just before we went into lockdown. Again, it’s another simple exercise you can do around the home.

“I’m doing 10 daily sets of 10 pull-ups at a time. It’s great for improving your grip strength, which is especially important when you’re grappling with an opponent.”


  1. Build your back
    Forge pull-up power by incorporating lat pull-downs – both heavy-weight and high-rep sets – into your weekly routine. Also try eccentric pull-ups, jumping up to the top of the pull-up and lowering your weight as slowly as you can.
  2. Recruit your glutes
    The back may be the primary area at work, but pull-up mastery requires a full-blody flex. Squeeze your glutes and thigs together to stabilise your lower body and keep your legs from swinging, which can add unnecessary strain on your main working muscles.
  3. Pull at the bar
    Focus on pulling the bar down, rather than your body up. Doing so will help you recruit your large lat muscles, rather than exhausting your biceps. Pack your shoulders into their sockets and stay as tight as you can.


“I started doing 100 press-ups a day in one go, but by next week I will be doing 100 in the morning and then 100 in the evening,” says Edwards.

“While I’m not fighting, I’m just trying to focus on the areas I know I can improve. When I come back you will see a better, stronger and more dangerous Fabian Edwards.”

Ladder Drills

“I’ve also being doing a lot of work on the ladders in my back garden. It helps improve my agility and my footwork, which is so important for an MMA fighter.

“I’ve been doing one exercise and then resting for 30 second, before moving onto another. To make it more realistic, I then start throwing punches as I work my way through the ladder, so you move and punch at the same time.

“Forwards, backwards, sideways, in and out. Just mix up the exercise and repeat until you can’t carry on.”


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