Luxury real estate agent and star in Netflix’s hit reality show, Jason Oppenheim, talks Men’s Fitness through how he built his body…

How Selling Sunset's Jason Oppenheim Built His Body | Men's Fitness UK

Jason Oppenheim, how has the pandemic affected your fitness?

You either use it as an excuse, or you use it as an opportunity to get in shape. For me, I’d say working out has become more important – just from a general anxiety level – but the past year has also transformed my workouts.

I used to train at Equinox and now I’ve joined a more functional, private gym with trainers and I’ve become hooked on it.  

I’m doing a lot more running, too. And I am not a runner by any means, but over lockdown I got really into it. I was running up and down Sunset Boulevard – which would normally mean inhaling exhaust fumes and dodging thousands of people – and it was completely quiet. 

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How do you find time to train?

I just prioritise it. It’s as important to me as work, so I just make time for it. Pretty much every day at about 6pm, I go to the gym.

I have more energy and I’m stronger in the evenings. I’m OK in the mornings, but I just find I don’t have as much strength. For 25 years I’ve been working out in the afternoon/evening and it’s what my body has got used to. 

What does a typical workout week look like for you?

Realistically I would say I train four times a week. I’m super flexible with it, and just figure it out when I get there. I don’t spend more than 30 or 35 minutes in the gym, either.

I like to go, get it done, and get out – that way it makes it more appealing and less overwhelming. I cannot do an hour’s workout! But I move the whole time, so when I walk out of there after 30 minutes I’m pretty beat.

How Selling Sunset's Jason Oppenheim Built His Body | Men's Fitness UK

Jason Oppenheim: ‘LA weather makes it easy to want to stay in shape’

Is good nutrition as important to you?

Oh yeah. Honestly, nutrition is more important than working out. I’m not overly restrictive with anything, but I do try to limit carbs.

If I’m at home, I eat healthy – normally chicken and vegetables – but a good couple of nights a week I’m out, at least, in which case I’m not eating as great.

I definitely don’t mind eating and drinking when I’m out, which is why I try to control what I eat when I’m at home.

Does living in LA make it easier to prioritise fitness?

One hundred per cent. For one, the weather is always amazing, which makes you want to look good when you’re wearing less clothes.

If I was constantly wearing a jacket and covering up, I probably wouldn’t be as motivated to work out. When you’re at pool parties or you’re out in a t-shirt all the time, it makes it much more motivating to look good.

Also, everyone else works out – all my friends, my staff and my team exercise pretty much every day – so it becomes part of the culture.

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