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Looking to build your very own dream home gym? Here is everything you need to know, thanks to Powerhouse Fitness, one of the best home fitness equipment suppliers in the UK and Europe…

What to consider when building a home gym

There are a lot of things to think about before making an investment in your own home gym. That includes the space you’re working with, the design you’re going for, your budget, the gym’s purpose, the equipment you want to use, and the flooring. Each factor is equally important.

home gym with various exercise machines


The first thing to consider is the space. This will determine what equipment you can fit in your home gym, and what training style is feasible in your training space.

You might have garage, spare room, fully-equipped gym, or something else. Every dream home gym has a different offering, so it’s critical to keep this in mind in the planning phases.


Another factor to consider is how your gym is laid out. It’s a good idea to prepare ahead before all of your equipment is delivered and to draw inspiration from other complete home gyms.

Powerhouse Fitness takes great pride in providing a gym design service. The company’s fitness professionals are more than happy to put together a plan that they believe will work best in your space, and is suited to your specific needs.

A few things to take into consideration when designing your own gym include:

  • Equipment placement
  • Where sockets are available
  • Ceiling height (can hinder certain products)
  • Width of the room

Ensure you have the correct dimensions of your space, as they will impact what equipment can fit in where. Being accurate is a must.

exercise machines in a home gym


The budget you’re working with is another important factor in your project. It can determine what brands you are best to look for and what you realistically can afford. Powerhouse Fitness has over 50 top fitness brands, offering affordable and premium products throughout their product range. Having a rough budget will allow you to determine what type of fitness machine or equipment is the right fit for you.

For example, the Taurus Pro, Elite, and cardio range are the ideal equipment solutions for premium gyms and commercial facilities. Taurus has been used within independent gym installations, the NHS, and blue light services throughout the UK.

Whereas if you’re looking to kit out your own home gym, you may be best looking at brands such as BodyMax, featured on the Powerhouse Fitness website. This equipment is more affordable, easy-to-use, and often has smaller footprints – helping you save on space and money in your home.


The purpose of your home gym space mainly comes down to what form of training you plan to do. It will help you narrow down the exercise equipment you want to consider, the space you may want to keep free, and if you need any additional storage areas.

Powerhouse Fitness offers various categories of fitness equipment including cardio, strength, free weights, functional and more. Knowing the purpose of your home gym will help build you the perfect gym package, tailored to your needs and goals.


The tools you select depend entirely on your goals and chosen style of training. If you enjoy high-intensity interval training, you might want to create your own mini-HIIT studio in your house. Or you may be a frequent weight lifter looking to build your own home gym with multiple free weights, power racks, benches and accessories. These two styles of training require a variety of different equipment, which is why it’s important to consider all of your options.

You might even prefer a combination of them all. This may be a cause to invest in a variety of versatile pieces of equipment that can be used across the board and ensure you reach your goals along the way.

weights on a rack in a home gym


Last but not least, is the gym flooring. This is entirely dependent on where your home gym will be and what equipment you are installing.

We recommend you ensure the flooring you choose will protect not only the flooring and underlay but also your equipment. If you plan on dropping equipment (in particularly heavy weights) from a height, it’s important to ensure the flooring below is correctly installed and suitable to do so.

Another flooring option to consider when installing your own home gym would be fitness mats. These can create a more stylish finish. Fitness mats will also help protect the flooring below from being marked or scratched when equipment is installed, as well as providing additional grip for the products, which enhances safety.

Home gym inspiration

Powerhouse Fitness ambassador Ellie Natasha-Baker is British Champion of the 1500m. The fitness package we created for Ellie gives her access to train in her very own home and provides variety to her workouts, helping to ensure there will be little room for boredom or repetition between training.

“Powerhouse Fitness have helped me massively already,” says Natasha-Baker. “To have a gym on your doorstep is a massive gain, I can fit the gym in now and have no excuses. I can really utilise my gym and that will be really beneficial to my training – just having that equipment there is invaluable.”

Ellie Baker's home gym

Ellie Baker’s home gym set-up, courtesy of Powerhouse Fitness