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In the expansive world of health tracking, Huawei has emerged as one of the most impressive wearable tech companies out there. Here’s what to expect from Huawei in 2024.

Once known for its telecoms tech, Huawei has had quite an impact on the health and fitness sector in recent years. That’ll be thanks to its impressive lineup of cutting-edge devices that are focused on delivering health-tracking in a way that’s not just innovative but stylish, too. From the more premium Huawei Watch series to the more accessible range of activity tracking, the Huawei Band, Huawei’s foray into smart wearables hasn’t only grabbed the attention of fitness fanatics the world over, but set new benchmarks for health gadgets in general.

With over a decade of health tech innovation under its belt, Huawei shows no signs of slowing down. So, what’s next? Here are some ways Huawei has become one of the big tech names in health and fitness in the last few years, and what we can expect from the brand in this space in the year ahead.

Innovation in health and fitness

What has contributed to Huawei’s rise in the world of health and fitness? For one, the brand knows how to push boundaries while being innovative. Huawei’s proprietary TruSeen™ technology is a testament to that. This sign-monitoring tool has undergone five generations since it was brought to life in 2016. Developed gradually over eight years, it was made to improve the accuracy and reliability of health tracking, particularly in challenging conditions like during intense exercise, in cold environments, or on smaller wrists. And it looks to be working since Huawei says it has improved heart rate monitoring stability by around 30%.

Groundbreaking R&D

If there’s one thing we can expect from Huawei in 2024, it’s levelling up in the world of smart wearables. The brand has poured heaps of resources into research and development of late, and it’s even opened a huge Health Lab in Helsinki, Finland. This place is like a high-tech playground, where all kinds of workouts and health scenarios are tested to make sure the gadgets benign made give us the real deal when it comes to tracking our health. Plus, it’s teamed up with some big names across Europe, like Professor Gregory Lip, a clinical researcher of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Liverpool.

Professor Lip is a heavy-hitter in the world of heart health, and his work focuses on understanding and preventing heart-related conditions like atrial fibrillation, which can lead to serious issues like strokes. By working with pros like this, Huawei is tapping into top-notch expertise to make sure their wearables can do more than just count steps. It might even help catch early signs of heart issues before they become bigger problems.

Jumping into projects like iCARE4CVD is another way Huawei is showing it’s serious about health. This dream team of tech companies, medical experts and institutions have come together with a common goal: to fight cardiovascular diseases using the latest in tech, like artificial intelligence. Being part of this project means Huawei’s wearables could one day play a big role in spotting risks early and maybe even keeping heart disease at bay.

It’s pretty clear Huawei isn’t just dabbling in health tech. The firm’s on a mission to tackle big health challenges, especially when it comes to keeping our hearts healthy.

A wearable revolution 

It goes without saying that one of Huawei’s biggest draws is the company’s smartwatch lineup. Devices like the WATCH 4 and GT 4 Series are seriously impressive bits of kit that have helped rocket Huawei right up there in the world of wearables. These gadgets are not just about telling time; they’re like personal health coaches. Take the Health Glance feature, for example. It can check out seven different health metrics about you in just 60 seconds. And then there’s the Stay Fit app, which is all about helping you manage your calories and weight. Plus, the WATCH D can even keep an eye on your blood pressure, thanks to the many years of hard work put in by the Huawei team.

The company also gets that being healthy isn’t a solo mission; it’s about getting everyone involved and pumped up. That’s why it came up with the ‘Light Up Your Rings’ challenge, making exercise fun and game-like. And with its TruSport tech, Huawei smartwatches can offer over 100 ways to get moving, making sure there’s something for everyone.

What’s up next?

The brand isn’t just sticking to making better fitness trackers. It’s diving into some big health issues, and that includes a big focus on the areas of sleep, blood pressure and mental health. These are huge deals for a lot of us, and Huawei’s got some smart plans to help us handle them better. It’s pumping resources into research and teaming up with health experts to stay ahead in the fitness tech game.

And as more of us are getting into the whole well-being vibe, Huawei’s gear is about to become even more of a game-changer. It’s planning to make big strides in stuff like helping us get enough sleep and keeping our bodies in check, not just because it’s possible for tech’s sake, but because it really matters for quality of life.