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New Huawei smartwatches blend stylish design with health and fitness innovation.

You don’t have to be a ‘techxpert’ to recognise Huawei’s influence on the world of technology. Over the years, the brand has carved out a niche for itself by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, consistently breaking new ground with innovation designed to benefit all walks of life.

But as most fitness fanatics will know, Huawei more recently set its sights on the wearable market, becoming known for its stylish yet functional smartwatches. Appealing not only to gadget lovers with its innovative features, the company gained a following from fitness enthusiasts thanks to its unique designs and nifty health-tracking capabilities.

Building on that, Huawei is gearing up to launch its latest wearable offerings, this time aimed at those looking to elevate their training with some serious style and elegance. Here are the next-gen Huawei smartwatches to revolutionise the intersection of technology and personal style in fitness.

Huawei Watch Fit 3: vibrant style meets practicality

Huawei’s latest entry into the smartwatch market is the Watch Fit 3. This sophisticated device marries sleek design with fitness functionality, making a strong play for those who value both style and substance. 

Sporting a super-thin 9.9mm profile and weighing just 26g, the Watch Fit 3 stands out as one of the most lightweight smartwatches you can get your hands on today. It also features a 1.82-inch AMOLED display with a 77.4% screen-to-body ratio, offering users crisp, vibrant visuals at the flick of the wrist.

The device isn’t just about looking good, either. Huawei says its latest wearable has been designed with the active user in mind, packing a host of features aimed at enhancing users’ lifestyles. For one, it comes equipped with the Stay Fit App which is tailored to help users manage their weight and food intake goals. Complementing that is an Activity Rings feature, which adds a gamified twist to keeping active, encouraging daily movement through easy-to-follow visual prompts.

Huawei has also added an AI-powered system to the Watch Fit 3, which prompts users with daily workout suggestions. These suggestions are intelligently tailored based on past activity levels and local weather conditions – ideal for those seeking optimal outdoor exercise times. The addition of fast charging means the watch can quickly be ready for a day’s use after just a few minutes’ charging time.

It comes with a variety of colours– with Huawei offering a fluoroelastomer option in Black, Pink, Green and, Moon White. You can also plump for a Grey Nylon strap, as well as a Pearl White leather strap.

When stacked against competitors, the Huawei Watch Fit 3 is bound to hold its own, especially when it comes to design and battery. It offers a slimmer and lighter build than, say, Fitbit’s Versa 4, and its display is brighter and offers better clarity than many of its rivals. Despite this superiority, Watch Fit 3 comes somehow is significantly cheaper, starting from only £140. BARGAIN. 

Huawei Watch 4 Pro Space Edition: inspired by the cosmos

Huawei’s Watch 4 Pro has already proven itself as a statement piece in the world of luxury smartwatches, blending style with advanced tech and fitness functionalities. The new ‘Space Edition’ takes that idea one step further. With a design inspired by space exploration – in particular, the dynamics of rocket engines through its LAVAL concept, which is directly inspired by the de Laval nozzle, the invention and origin that has made all space exploration possible. It also uses Aerospace-Grade DLC Titanium – this revamped and a striking red and black Nanocrystalline Ceramic Bezel, which not only serves up a unique look, but makes the watch way more durable. 

Functionality isn’t sacrificed for form here, either. The watch includes Health Glance 2.0, a feature that takes a complete health check in one 60 second test to analyse things like ECG, respiratory health, SPo2, Heart rate, stress and more. This creates an easy to read all-in-one health report that also identifies trends over time, perfect for those serious about not only style, but their wellness. What’s more, its waterproofing meets the EN13319 Certified standard for diving accessories, meaning it can join you even on your most extreme adventures.

Despite the wealth of features, this independently connected smartwatch still inherits Huawei’s fantastic battery capabilities, giving you 4 ½ days of battery life, and a staggering 21 days in long life mode. 

Huawei Watch GT 4: fashion meets function

Huawei is on a mission to fuse fashion with technology, and the GT 4 embodies that ethos perfectly. With a focus on empowering individual style, this sleek smartwatch seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with timeless design.

Embracing the concept of Classics Evolved, the GT 4 Series marries traditional watch craftsmanship with modern flair. Whether you opt for the bold 46mm variant with its iconic octagonal identity or the elegant 41mm version inspired by pendants, each detail is meticulously crafted. But style is just the beginning. The GT 4 is packed with features designed to support your health and fitness journey. From science-based calorie management through the Stay Fit app to robust health monitoring capabilities like heart rate tracking, SpO2 measurement, and stress monitoring, this smartwatch has you covered.

Plus, with dual-band five-system GPS, you can trust the GT 4 to keep you on track, whether you’re hitting the pavement or exploring new trails. And compatibility with both iOS and Android devices ensures a seamless experience for all users.

Huawei FreeClips
Huawei FreeClips

Huawei FreeClips: sound and style

Breaking new ground in the world of audio, Huawei introduces the revolutionary FreeClips: the first open-ear True Wireless Stereo (TWS) headset. Say goodbye to conventional earbuds and hello to unparalleled comfort and style with its innovative clip-on earring design.

But it’s not just about looks. The FreeClips’ open-ear design delivers unrivaled comfort, allowing you to wear them all day without the discomfort associated with traditional earbuds. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities, this design lets you stay connected to your music or podcasts while remaining aware of your surroundings, thanks to leakproof sound technology.

With an impressive 8-hour battery life, the FreeClips keeps up with your active lifestyle without the need for constant recharging. And with an IP54 sweat resistance rating, AI call noise reduction, and intelligent left-right ear recognition, these earbuds are ready to tackle any challenge you throw their way.

Whether you’re hitting the gym, strolling through the city, or grinding away at work, Huawei FreeClips are the ultimate companion for those seeking wireless audio that seamlessly blends style and functionality.


The new Watch Fit 3 can be picked up for £139.99, with a leather strap option at £159.99. Meanwhile, the Watch 4 Pro Space Edition carries a price tag of £549.99.

However, to celebrate the launch of its fresh smartwatch line-up, Huawei has a number of special offers available. For purchases made between 7 May and 18 June 2024, the Watch Fit 3 will include a free pair of FreeBuds SE 2 and the Watch 4 Pro Space Edition’ will have its RRP slashed by 10% and ship with a free pair of FreeBuds 5.