The weighted vests from BeyondRX can help you pack on muscle and improve aerobic performance.

Simply put, BeyondRX weighted vests add load to your body. You are heavier, so all of your muscles and stabilisers must work harder in each exercise.

This additional load and effort will lead to greater muscle-fibre recruitment, repair and adaptation, and therefore greater muscle growth.

But that’s not all the BeyondRX weighted vests are good for…

Multi-Sport Benefits

Weighted vests help runners improve their endurance and overall fitness by increasing resistance.

As a result, when they take the vest off for race day, they are quicker, breathe better, and come out on top.

Equally, gymnasts and bodybuilders use weighted vests to make pull-ups and bodyweight movements harder.

This accelerates their progress, as they can train harder in the same amount of time.

Even strongmen wear the BeyondRX 40kg vest during cardio to improve their body’s tolerance to load.

All of these athletes benefit from increased calorie burn due to the tougher conditions, and all of them excel in their fields.

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Fully In-Vested

Former Royal Marine Commando Ross Johnson and professional bodybuilder Tom Seed explain why they use the BeyondRX weighted vest

“We wore weighted vests all the time in the Royal Marines, and being able to train with one in CrossFit has really helped keep my fitness at the high standard required in the force.” – Ross Johnson

“Since adding a weighted vest into my training I’ve been able to get more out of running and home workouts, and it’s added a new level to my pull-up game in the gym.” Tom Seed (pictured above)

BeyondRX weighted vests are one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment. Get yours today and discover your fitness potential with code MF10 at 


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