As founder of TrackMafia – the hugely popular running group that’s all about making track running fun – Cory Wharton-Malcolm is committed to making fitness accessible for all.

Q&A With TrackMafia Founder Cory Wharton-Malcolm

What is TrackMafia?

TrackMafia is a family. It’s a group of runners, a group of teammates who have grown together over the years. It started out as just three of us runners: myself, Jeggi and Jules.

“When we first started, the whole purpose of us running track was to build consistency and get used to what it was like to feel discomfort.

“Our mission quickly changed to sharing this newfound love with others. The goal was to change the way that normal people viewed track running.

“People were scared of it and we wanted to change that: we want to help people understand that track is a great place to be vulnerable, to be open, to find yourself. You are only ever 400 meters from safety!”

Why do you think TrackMafia has been such a success?

“I think people like the fact that we tell the full story and they like the way that we tell that story: through moody photography and graphics.

“We are real people who others can relate to, we’re fun but we are also experienced runners and real, qualified coaches who know what we’re talking about.

“When people look at TrackMafia they can see themselves in someone, which I think is important.”

Your home Instagram workouts went down a storm during lockdown – do you think the last few months have helped people realise how accessible fitness can be? 

“I think the last few months have definitely taught people that they need a lot less to keep fit than they thought they did.

“I think it’s also made people realise that they need exercise more than they thought they did, not just for the physical side of things, but also their mental wellbeing.”

You place a lot of importance on making fitness fun, but Does that allow for a degree of discomfort?

“I think sometimes people underestimate how powerful our brains are, and how much joy that smile and fun can bring to any workout. For me, fun is about an energy.

“It’s about not taking yourself too seriously. It’s about understanding that anything you spend a lot of time doing should be enjoyable.

“Running can be brutal, but through those moments of pain and suffering and gritted teeth, I smile, because I’m happy that my body can do it.”

Tell us about your new podcast, The Tub Hub.

“I host it in my bath tub at home. My guests are in their tubs at home, too, and it’s recorded over zoom. My show is all about exploring the world ‘help’.

“I ask guests what their relationship is with the word and whether or not they ask for or offer help and, if so, how that makes them feel.

“Over the past few weeks we have also discussed racism and the Black Lives Matter protests, as well as sexism and how that has affected people in their day-to-day lives.” 


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