From Rhyd Ddu to the Rhodope Mountains, Europe boasts some of the best mountain biking trails in the world.

Much of Europe is mountain biking (MTB) paradise, with a wide range of wilderness areas and mountains – and all of the infrastructure needed – to take an MTB trip to remember.

It’s also well prepared for cyclists, with well-kept paths and trail from the Alps to the Scandinavian wilderness.

To help you make a start on your next MTB adventure, Mountaineerin has put together a list of the top mountain biking destinations in Europe.

the top 10 mountain bike destinations in Europe Men's Fitness UK

Tyrol, Austria | Photo: Getty Images

1. Tyrol, Austria

Tyrol boasts the longest trails in the Alps, with 32 stages and 1,000km in total. Tyrol is full of steep climbs but there are mountain lifts and a cable car for easy access.

It’s is also one of the most accessible mountains biking trails in Europe where you can freely choose where to start and finish.

2. Lapland, Finland

While Lapland is traditionally famous for its pristine snow and the northern lights, during the summer months it’s the perfect destination for some mountain biking adventures.

Lapland boasts a stunning wilderness ready to be explored via a wide range of bike trails. The landscape is truly breathtaking with some unique animals to spot on your ride, including bears and deer. After a long day on the saddle, relax in a traditional Finnish cabin and hot sauna.

3. Åre, Sweden

Similar to the above, Åre is more renowned as a winter sports destination. However, it has become more popular lately for mountain biking thanks to a variety of newly created trails.

Use the chairlift to reach the top before choosing from more than 30 tracks. Åre also has a bike school for beginners, as well as plenty of patrols to help keep you safe.

4. La Fenasosa, Spain

La Fenasosa is one of the most remotely located bike parks on this list – just getting there requires ascending a cross-country track from Alicante.

It also doesn’t have any lifts, so bikes and their riders are transported together to the start of the trail in the backs of military trucks. You can then choose from a selection of ten downhill trails, which vary in difficulty but are generally more suited to experienced riders.

the top 10 mountain bike destinations in Europe Men's Fitness UK

The Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine | Photo: Getty Images

5. The Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

The Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine have a wide range of both marked and unmarked trails for you to choose from. Ukraine is also much more off the beaten path which is all the better for adventurous riders.

The low prices and high quality of accommodation makes Ukraine the perfect MTB destination.

6. Southern Highlands, Iceland

Iceland is renowned for its breathtaking scenery. The landscape includes waterfalls, deserts and lava fields with scattered mountain peaks breaking up the wilderness.

The Southern Highlands offer the most picturesque mountain biking experience you’ll find anywhere.

7. Rhyd Ddu, Wales

Rhyd Ddu is located at the highest peak of Wales and will provide you with an unforgettable riding experience over the mountains.

It can be a challenging environment with plenty of rocky roads, so more experienced riders might be better suited. The ascent is particularly steep, but the fast descent is well worth all of the effort.

8. The Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Situated between Bulgaria and Greece, the Rhodope Mountains, are one of Bulgaria’s tourist hotspots, with the area renowned for its stunning wilderness and historic landmarks.

A mountain bike tour of the Rhodopes will allow you to experience a range of natural features such as gorges, meadows, large caves, river dams and impressive rock formations.

10. The Dolomites, Italy

Found in eastern Italy, the Dolomites are a popular destination for hiking and rock climbing, and are increasingly popular with mountain bikers.

The bike trails can be challenging, but the rugged mountains and dense forests make for an unforgettable adventure.

the top 10 mountain bike destinations in Europe Men's Fitness UK

The Dolomites, Italy | Photo: Getty Images