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Is your underwear working with your body to enhance your exercise routine?

You’ve done your research and read the reviews to find the best trainers and gym kit, but what about your underwear? It’s easy to overlook the importance of this everyday item and simply reach for the first pair in your drawer. But you can get more from your work out by starting with the right briefs. Choosing breathable underwear that keeps your body cool and supported will let you maintain focus on each set of reps. And let’s face it, once you’re distracted by itchy or restrictive underwear, it’s difficult to concentrate on the task ahead.

Boxer briefs are an excellent choice for the gym, offering both support and flexibility. But it is important to consider the fabric and construction of your underwear too. Designed in London and made in Japan, Velarof has meticulously researched their material and design choices. They create top quality boxer briefs that offer maximum comfort even when you’re pushing yourself to the limit.

Engineered for exercise

Whatever your training regime involves, unrestricted movement is essential to allow you to perform each exercise accurately and effectively. Your underwear should be flexible and move with your body, not against it. You should also avoid underwear that is too tight as it could restrict normal blood circulation and pull painfully against your skin when you try to stretch it. 

Velarof employs skilled craftspeople in Tokyo who use delicate stitching and precise tailoring techniques to ensure a flawless fit for all their underwear. Velarof boxer briefs move with the body like a second skin. Their exceptional fit prevents chafing and riding up. So you can maximise your stretch, swing or lunge without your pants holding you back. They also retain their shape effectively, so won’t start to sag during your gym session. All this allows you to concentrate on your exercises without nagging discomfort. 

Material benefits

You’re working your body hard and it’s going to sweat. Warm, damp underwear feels uncomfortable and can encourage bacterial growth. For comfort and hygiene, it’s essential to choose breathable boxer briefs that keep the air flowing and reduce the build up of moisture against your skin. Velarof uses new fabric technologies, cleverly combining the best qualities of natural and synthetic fibres, so their boxer briefs keep delicate and sensitive skin comfortable and fresh. Every pair is lightweight, breathable and quick to dry.

Velarof’s latest range is created in TENCELTM a sustainable and biodegradable fabric made from wood pulp. Tencel combines moisture retention and quick-drying properties, making it ideal for underwear to exercise in. It is breathable and wicks away sweat giving you cool boxer briefs even when your body is working hard. Its excellent elasticity adds to its anti-chafing comfort and durability. It even has odour neutralising properties!

After your gym session and shower, you should put on clean dry underwear to promote good skin and genital health. A pair of Velarof boxer briefs are also ideal for the rest of your day. Their silky soft feel is gentle on tired muscles and their flexibility will allow good blood circulation.

Sensible choices can be stylish too

At the heart of Velarof’s approach is the unique Japanese aesthetic of iki. Rooted in Japanese history and culture, iki originated in the 19th Century when affluent merchants wished to express their new-found wealth and status without provoking the powerful samurai class. These clothes seemed ordinary at first glance but revealed superior craftsmanship and exquisite details on closer inspection. That precision and refinement elevate Velarof boxer briefs today, ensuring you get high quality with every pair. 

Velarof’s attention to form and functionality have not stopped them from going for maximum style too. Each design is inspired by traditional Japanese patterns and motifs. The colours chosen are also significant, reflecting a traditional Japanese belief that particular colours can influence our mood and energy. The results are striking and colourful prints, each with its own intriguing story. With a wide range of designs to choose from, it’s easy to find one to suit you.

Using the best materials and skilled craftsmanship elevates the quality of Velarof underwear and your experience when wearing it. Enhance your workout by choosing Velarof boxer briefs. Their superior level of comfort will leave you free to focus on your fitness.

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