Low testosterone can affect everything from mental health to libido. If you’ve been struggling with symptoms, your first port of call should be getting your lifestyle and general health in check, but if symptoms persist Alphagenix offers hormone replacement therapy to help you bounce back to your best.

Here Alphagenix’s founder, Ross Tomkins, explains exactly what’s involved…

Ross Tomkins, the founder of Alphagenix, outside in winter clothes

Ross Tomkins was inspired to start up Alphagenix after suffering from low testosterone

Alphagenix was founded in late 2021. It was created out of my own experiences over the last decade.

From my initial encounters with the NHS and then later working with several private companies, I took all the best bits and meshed them together to create a unique experience that not only treats the client holistically but offers frequent follow-up appointments and blood tests with our medical team. It’s all conveniently wrapped up in an easy-to-plan-for subscription service.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

Sub-optimal levels of testosterone can lead to lower energy, reduced muscle mass and weakness, poor mental focus, depression, lack of motivation, lowered self-confidence, low libido, erectile dysfunction, insomnia and even obesity.

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Is low testosterone more common than most people realise?

Absolutely, we believe that at least 40% of men over the age of 45 are experiencing symptoms but due to the fact the symptoms creep up over many years, they just think they are getting older.

The other big issue here is that us guys tend not to open up and admit when we are feeling low so the actual numbers could be far higher. Considering 80% of women experience symptoms of menopause, it could even be this high.

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone Replacement Therapy is simply the restoration of optimal hormone levels within the body and comes in a plethora of forms including pellets, patches, sprays, gels, creams and injectables but the most common forms of application are gels, creams and injectables.

When it comes to choosing the right treatment for you, it’s important to remember that we are all different. I personally used creams for years with great success, although I later moved to injections which I find provide even more benefits and have eliminated any peaks and troughs in my energy levels.

Gels and creams offer an easy solution and are ideal for anyone who is scared of needles, but the downside is it’s more difficult to regulate hormone levels as you are relying on absorption through the skin.

Injections are generally thought to be more convenient, more reliable and with less downsides, but only if you can get past the idea of sticking a needle into yourself on a regular basis.

Ultimately, the best idea is to consult with a specialist after confirming your testosterone is indeed sub-optimal through blood tests.

Ross Tomkins, the founder of Alphagenix, outside in winter clothes, walking his dog

Ross said that a month after his own treatment started, he felt ’20 years younger’

How did your own symptoms improve after hormone replacement therapy?

This is a question we get asked a lot. How long will it take to see results? Personally, my symptoms improved within a couple of weeks, and within a month I felt 20 years younger. Aches and pains vanished, mental clarity returned and my energy levels returned to normal. I found myself running up and down the stairs, which was something I’d forgotten how to do.

As you might expect, this question is a bit like, ‘How long is a piece of string?’ with several factors influencing the speed of the results, including the method used, the specific symptoms being treated, the patient’s physiological makeup and of course whether they are also making good accompanying lifestyle choices surrounding diet, exercise, sleep and their mental health.

In general though, you can expect to notice an improvement in libido from around three weeks, improvement in mood and reduced depression after around six weeks, increased stamina and more energy will see results emerge after three months, and you should notice increased muscle mass and strength coupled with reduced fat between months three and four. Improvements in bone density obviously take much longer and is usually measured in years rather than weeks or months.

How does Alphagenix work?

It all begins with a triage call with myself or one of the team, where we discuss the client’s symptoms and suitability for treatment. Generally speaking, we wouldn’t recommend blood tests, unless someone is experiencing at least three symptoms of low testosterone, and we are of course on the lookout for anyone who is looking to obtain testosterone for the wrong reasons.

Following this, we would arrange a comprehensive set of blood tests in a *convenient location and an initial telephone consultation with one of the doctors, who will discuss the results and propose a treatment plan.

If treatment is indicated, the patient has the choice between creams, injections or oral medication, and we then carry out the first repeat set of bloods after six weeks to check progress. After that, we closely monitor our clients’ physiology with blood tests every three months for as long as they are part of Team Alphagenix. Each blood test includes a review with the doctor, so we can tweak levels as appropriate and ensure our clients remain in optimal health.

We provide an end-to-end solution and the whole process is included in our subscription model, so its super easy with our account managers monitoring the process and we’ll always be ready when the next blood test or prescription is required.

*We work closely with a number of clinics and offer a network of over 200 clinics nationwide where the blood tests can be carried out.

Presumably hormone replacement is not a magic bullet, and should be undertaken alongside a balanced diet and consistent exercise routine?

This is a great question and you are absolutely right. Taking testosterone feels like a godsend for many men and it can certainly bring about some amazing results in a relatively short space of time. However, unless you’re willing to make the changes to your lifestyle that your body needs to function at its best – diet, exercise, sleep and stress management – you won’t feel the full advantages.

The best way to experience a restoration of your energy levels is by giving your body and mind a clear chance to thrive. Take care of yourself and feel your energy returning as you make optimal lifestyle choices in conjunction with the hormone replacement therapy.

Alphagenix provides support in all these areas and our private WhatsApp group not only has myself and our doctors inside, but a health coach, mindset coach, PT and nutritional therapist.

Find out more about Alphagenix’ treatment options at alphagenix.co.uk

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