CBD is becoming increasingly popular among professional athletes as a way of coping with the strains of a demanding physical career

High-profile professional athletes around the world, from a variety of sports – including NFL footballers like David Ahrens, tennis players like John Isner, golfers like Charley Hoffman and British rugby players George Kruis and Dominic Day – have turned to CBD to help them recover from injury, or as an alternative to traditional pain medication.

We caught up with Wales international and Saracens player Dominic Day to learn more about his experience with CBD, as well as his company fourfivecbd – but first let’s explore the basics…

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is one of over a hundred different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Unlike the better known THC that is responsible for the high you get from cannabis, CBD is non-psychoactive and legal in the UK.

Anecdotal reports suggest that CBD can help with pain relief, anxiety, sleep issues, epilepsy and various inflammatory conditions. However, the science to validate these claims is playing catch up.

For decades, scientists have been more interested in THC than CBD and it is only now that heads are turning towards this compound and giving it the attention it deserves. Meanwhile, CBD sales are rocketing, new brands and products are emerging, and people are experimenting with what appears to be a benign natural compound with very few, if any side effects.

fourfivecbd founders Dominic Day and George Kruis

fourfivecbd founders Dominic Day (left) and George Kruis

CBD, rugby and fourfive

We caught up with Dominic Day who told us how CBD has helped him deal with the physical impact of professional rugby and why he launched fourfivecbd with teammate and England international George Kruis.

Men’s Fitness: How did you discover CBD and why did you start taking it?
Dom Day: “I had just had an operation on my knee and was looking for something to aid recovery alongside the usual physiotherapy and icing. I saw great results and from that moment on I’ve been a huge believer and advocate.”

MF: What are the major health complaints from pro rugby players?
DD: “It’s obviously a contact sport so injuries from contacts to shoulders and knees are very common, along with concussions. But as you get older it’s the wear and tear in the joints that tends to affect you. Both my knees are not in a great state and that’s the main reason I use CBD.”

MF: What medications were you taking prior to discovering CBD and has CBD changed your treatment of sports-related pain and other conditions?
DD: “Before, I would use a lot of anti-inflammatories like diclofenac and ibuprofen. If things got really bad I would take tramadol. This has definitely reduced a lot.”

MF: Have you seen its use grow among your colleagues and other sports professionals?
DD: “Definitely. Since we released our 0% THC product that is tested for banned substances in sport, we have seen over 400 professional athletes from a range of sports use our products.”

MF: What kind of dose do you use daily and/or for more specific needs?
DD: “I take 20mg in the morning to get me going and then 20mg in the evening which I feel helps me sleep better.”

MF: What’s your preferred method of delivery, and your favourite CBD product?
DD: “Now I’m retired I take our full spectrum CBD oil. It’s fast acting, convenient and easy to take.”

MF: What do you think the CBD market needs now given the grey and unregulated area it currently exists in?
DD: “We’re welcoming as much regulation as possible. If a brand has done everything possible to comply and be safe then they will have nothing to worry about and we want the people taking the safest brands and products possible.”

MF: Are there any problems for sports people using CBD? Have you heard of anyone failing a doping test?
DD: “There are issues around THC content and cross contamination. There are a couple of cases in America of athletes blaming the content of THC being greater than that states for failing a test. This is why we went through an extra level of testing with BSCG to ensure there are no banned contaminants and 0% THC.”

MF: Do you experience any adverse effects from regular use of CBD, and do you take breaks?
DD: “I personally have not had any side effects. I do sometimes have a week off every now and then but I will be taking it consistently for two months at a time.”

MF: How do you think CBD can benefit amateur sports players or people wanting to get fit?
DD: “We want to help anyone that would like to stay active and improve their general health. We think CBD can be beneficial helping you whether you go to yoga or play Sunday league football. It’s all about getting your body in the best state to be active.”

MF: What would be your advice to people starting out with CBD?
DD: “Find a solid, safe brand with third-party testing. Start with a low dosage and build it up until you find a dosage that works for you.”

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