Scott Mills reveals how some unflattering holiday snaps kicked him into gear and sparked a seriously impressive shape-shifting journey.

How Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills Transformed His Physique

Before his weight loss

How Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills Transformed His Physique

Over 20kg lighter

The story of Scott Mills’ transformation may seem extraordinary given his celebrity status as prime-time presenter on BBC Radio 1, but his motivation to get in shape – and the methods he used to transform his body – will sound familiar to many. 

Like lots of men inspired to turn their lives around – to overhaul their diet and revise their whole approach to exercise and fitness – Mills was prompted by a less-than-flattering photo.

“I had been to New Zealand for New Year’s Eve and I saw some photos of me on the beach,” says Mills. “I was kind of horrified by them. I thought that because I was doing regular exercise, going to the gym maybe two or three times a week, that would be enough – but then I saw these pictures.” It proved to be a watershed moment for the 45-year-old.

Only Way is UP

Mills signed up to what would become a 21kg body transformation at Ultimate Performance in Mayfair ( He says it’s got him into the best shape of his life. “I’ve always been quite big. I was a fairly chubby teenager, and the weight carried into my early 20s. I struggled with body confidence, no matter how much time I spent on the treadmill.”

With a focused workout routine, a nutrition advisor, and a meal plan designed to help Mills restructure his diet in a format that he could fit into his busy lifestyle, the weight soon started to fall away. “Physically, I feel stronger and fitter, and obviously leaner. Mentally, I’m really feeling the benefits too.”

For 25 weeks Mills went on a journey of discovery, combining weight sessions, cardio workouts and circuit training with a structured diet. He credits his new physique with switching from a half-hearted, irregular, cardio-focused routine to a plan that prioritises strength training. 

Mills on Meals

“When it comes to diet I’ve learned that you just have to plan what you’re going to eat, and when,” says Mills. “Sometimes I’ve been travelling and it’s been quite a challenge, but you’ve got to have it in the back of your mind that this is still ongoing. Just because you’re in New York doing some work for the weekend, doesn’t mean you can go to the burger place.”

By opting for a meal plan tailored to deliver the nutrients crucial to muscle growth and fat reduction, Mills found an effective, healthy way of dieting which fitted into his work schedule.

“You start to notice the results from the physical training quite quickly and once you’re doing the EatUP meals those effects become noticeable to others, too. Four weeks in, people start to say, ‘Hey, you look different!'”

Post-workout, Mills would consume a shake based on 30g of whey protein and 5g creatine. He also ate EatUP meals which were designed to ensure he got the right levels of protein and carbs, micro and macronutrients at each meal time.

For Mills the results aren’t just physical, either. “I’ve never really been a body-confident person. I used to wear a lot of black t-shirts, trying to hide my body as much as possible, but my wardrobe is now awash with colour. Trying on 30-inch jeans for the first time was incredible – that’s not happened to me since I was about 19.” 

As is often the case when someone transforms their body, Mills’ new physique has dramatically improved his approach to life and the quality of his work, too.

“I think I’m doing the best radio shows that I’ve ever done,” he says, “and that can’t be a coincidence.”

Mills’ Chest, Back and Core Workout