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The high-protein, low-calorie option for those who refuse to compromise on taste or nutrition.

Trends come and go, but finding a snack that truly fits a fitness lifestyle while being enjoyable to eat has always been a bit of a mission. It usually comes down to a balancing act of giving the body the right nutrients to support your health goals, while satisfying those inevitable cravings between meals with a snack that hits the spot.

Enter Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, a snack that’s gained some well-deserved attention of late not just for its convenience but for being genuinely tasty. Made from 100% lean premium beef, this between-meal pick-me-up bridges that all-important gap between indulgence and nutrition, providing a high-protein, low-calorie option for those who refuse to compromise on taste or health. 

Beef up your snack game

At the heart of the Jack Link’s brand lies the ethos that the fuel we choose to power our fitness journeys should only elevate our experiences, not compromise them. That is where its Beef Jerky shines: as a snack that pleases the taste buds but benefits the body. 

Crafted from 100% lean premium beef, seasoned with select ingredients, then slowly smoked and dried, every 25g serving dishes up less than 70 calories, yet offers an impressive 35g protein per 100g. Which is what makes it a versatile treat that you can reach for after a gruelling gym session, during a leisurely hike, or in those quiet moments of respite at your desk, giving you a sustained energy boost without the guilt.

Owing its unique flavour to an age-old secret recipe, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is available in three flavours: Original, Sweet & Hot, and Teriyaki; coming in 25g, 40g and 60g compact, travel-friendly bags.

Two fit friends eating Jack Link's beef jerky outside

Big flavours for healthier snacking

In a world where dietary preferences and fitness regimes are as varied as the British weather, nailing down a healthy snack that vibes with every twist and turn of your fitness journey is no small feat. But Jack Link’s slots into just about any eating plan, and that universal appeal is no fluke. 

The company have invested heavily in research and development to make sure each pack of its Beef Jerky gives people of all kinds what they need – something that’s both nutrient-rich and super convenient. Since it’s packed with protein but low in fat, you can make it your go-to for keeping muscles fuelled and energy up.

But the magic of Jack Link’s isn’t just about what it does for your health; it’s the taste that really steals the show. Rich, sophisticated and delicious, it takes snacking to a whole new level. 

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